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White Bathroom Design Ideas That Will Inspire Your Next Renovations

White is chic, sharp, modern and the perfect color to brighten bathroom space of your designer homes. If you have been eyeing your next bathroom renovation or are looking for inspiration the following bathroom and bathroom furniture design ideas are sure to inspire you to want to change your aesthetics to a more crisp and airy space as per your home design.

Marble Extravaganza

marble extravaganza bathroom White Bathroom Designs That Will Inspire Your Next Renovations

Marble is beautiful on its own or as an additional texture piece which works exceptionally well in the bathroom of your designer homes. Use as part of your bathtub wall or even as part of your vanity or sink area. Consider having them in both places for a well-rounded look.
Marble is the perfect addition to white home decor because it’s not only white, but it still has a texture that adds visual appeal to your home design and interior decoration. Add marble on your vanity, as an accent wall, and/or even as your bathroom sink. Doing so will bring a textured touch while still being in the white color scheme.

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