Dark Apartment With Reflective Surfaces to Maximize Space

Apartment by Yodezeen Kiev 900x600 Dark Apartment in Kiev Maximizes Space With Reflective Surfaces

Architectural design studio YoDezeen created a dark apartment in Kiev as if to demonstrate how luxurious dark tones can look in your designer homes. Seemingly spacious, the place features an open plan bedroom, glass partitioned shower, and panoramic windows that fit in the interior design of the home.

Thanks to these design ideas and tricks, the main room, that consists of mainly living room and a small dining area, looks enormous, even though the eating zone is separated from the big zone with an open shelving.

Panoramic windows allow to see beyond the neighboring glass skyscraper 900x607 Dark Apartment in Kiev Maximizes Space With Reflective Surfaces

Panoramic windows allow to see beyond the neighboring glass skyscraper.

Finished with concrete and wood, the skyscraper apartment overlooks the city and a neighbouring building. The big windows allow plenty of daylight in, but it is absorbed by the sea of grey and black present in the home design.

The bedroom is especially gloomy with its black stone feature wall that becomes a focus of the entire area. A system of industrial lights and some area lamps help keep the place somewhat illuminated. To create a bit of light reflection, the bathroom wall – opposite the windows – was made out of glass.

A small but storage-heavy kitchen seems to be the emerging trend in modern designer homes. And so the studio decided to keep it to a small corner, leaving plenty of room for lounging and living in your beautiful homes.

Dark Apartment in Kiev by YoDezeen

Dark tones make for a stylish if only a bit gloomy look.

Lots of reflective and transparent home decor elements allow to keep open layout breezy.

Open metallic shelving makes a great room divider.

Ambient light gives the kitchen a slightly khaki color accent.

Orbs of white light brighten up the place in the evening.

Trendy soft bed frame provides a contrast to the rough stone headboard wall.

Ambient lighting supplements the luminaires in the bedroom.

Open plan bedroom overlooks the contemporary living room in the home design.

Even bathroom stands behind a glass wall as opposed to solid stone.

Stay tuned for additional information and other home and decor design ideas that will help and inspire you to design your home.

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