Designer Ethanol Fireplace by Antonio Lupi


This is one of the coolest fireplace we’ve seen this season – the Song of Fire (il canto del Fuoco) designer ethanol fireplace by Antonio Lupi, created in collaboration with designers Domenico de Palo and Massimo Pistolesi, is music to our ears! This ultra-modern fireplace presents the flame as the focal point, peeking through the innovative opening in this minimalist design. This fireplace can be hung on your wall as a stand-alone piece, or it can be integrated into the wall, painted, or finished with stone or tile for a seamless match to your existing architecture. And while you’re enjoying all the wonderful, warm ambience of a real fire, you’ll also appreciate that this elegant fireplace does away with the disadvantages of a conventional hearth – no chimney, no ashes, no smoke. And for the eco-conscious decorator, this cool fireplace is powered by bio-ethanol, which is a renewable energy source with no emissions. For more on this hot, cold-weather essential, visit Antonio Lupi.
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