Fireplace Mantels perfect for any Designer Homes

If you have a fireplace in the living room of your designer homes, then you know your fireplace is the heart of the room. Objectively, this happens because the fireplace seems to bring visual appeal to any type of personal style and interior design. Furthermore, there’s this sense of character that only a fireplace can truly achieve. With that being said, interior decorating your mantel truly comes with the seasons, which is why many of us compartmentalize our mantel into a “holiday or seasonal” interior decorating space in our beautiful homes, but wouldn’t it be great you could just decorate it once or twice and just let it sit there and be great without having to constantly change it around? Here are 10 design ideas to decorate your fireplace mantel regardless of the season.


antique on fireplace Fireplace Mantels perfect for any Season

If you truly want to bring a cohesive approach to the room add antique trinkets to the entire room.
Looking for a place to display all of your favorite antique trinkets? Your living room is there for a reason, and it’s the perfect place in your designer homes to display your antique items, especially your fireplace mantel. There’s something cohesive, fun and easy going about your mantel, which is why displaying your beloved antiques is always good design ideas. Furthermore, antique home decor adds character and appeal to the room in an overall appeal.


mirror on mantel Fireplace Mantels perfect for any Season

For an even more intricate approach add a textured mirror. Doing so will blend brighten the room in an overall manner.
Mirrors are great! They reflect light which is fantastic when you have a smaller living room. Whether you select one large mirror or multiple smaller mirrors the option is up to you. The key is having multiple mirrors of the same aesthetics. You want to have as much brightness as possible. Doing so will help expand the room with a natural feel that can be felt immediately as soon as you enter the room and fit in the interior design of your dream homes.

Maybe, Lighting?

If you do not want to add multiple light fixtures, consider adding one simple lamp that adds just the right amount of brightness without taking away from your current home decor and interior decoration.
While on the topic of mirrors, let’s talk about another brightening additional item- light fixtures. Why do we only add light fixtures and chandeliers to the center of the room? Why not add them as part of the mantel as well? See the key is having simple lights that beam off directly from the mantel. So, you want to display your lights right on the side wall of your mantel or directly on your fireplace. Additionally, you want to design your home decor around it, to make the biggest impact.


Add a few green bits to the room to ensure the greenery is not only displayed but felt through the room.
Regardless, of the season or the reason greenery tends to work. There is something breathtaking about having greenery as part of your home and decor and house design, even more so when you have a lack of color. Green is simple, edgy and creates a sense of grounding even if you only have one or two plants display on your mantel. Think of them as your personal little slice of the great outdoors. Do not forget to water your plants in order to keep them green all-year-round.

One Color Palette

In order to incorporate the same color palette throughout your designer homes you want to keep the same hues displayed in your living room, it brings a cohesive approach and adds to the interior design of your beautiful homes.
If you have been contemplating how to decorate your mantel, try a one-color palette. Whether that is you painting the wall behind your fireplace a bright hue that makes you feel engaged with the room. Or you add home decor in that specific color. You want to take one hue and simply multiply it numerous times on the mantel. Doing so keeps the room simple while still being fun and visual.

Less is Sometimes More

While you do want to have a minimal approach, you also want to have one piece that makes a bold statement while everything else is minimal. It adds a second layer of character to the room in a simple manner.
We say this with the design ideas of minimalism. Minimalism has come a huge way from what many of us thought it was. At first, it was a room that has no character whatsoever as it only has 3-5 items at most. Now it’s turned into a trend that’s completely sweeping away what our traditional design ideas of home decor truly is. For a less is more approach you want to have 4 items maximum and they must make sense to the room’s entire aura.

Built-in Shelving

You want to keep your shelving open and airy in order to have a modern approach that adds to the room in an overall appeal.
Depending on how large your living room is or how it’s displayed, you might have a TV above your mantel, in that case, most of your home decor is displayed in other areas. If so, built-in shelves is the way to go as they allow you to have your necessities right where you need them without taking away from having a TV above your mantel. This idea works because it appears as if your mantel and your shelves are connected.

Keep it Bare

When going minimal consider a modern fireplace. The more modern the better, as the less room you will have to decorate around.
While we are full on advocates of adding home and decor to your mantel, sometimes the room does need some breathing space and that’s where a bare mantel will come into play. The reason being, a simple bare area can not only give the room, breathing space, but it allows the mantel itself to make a daring statement that most areas in a home could not pull off.

Black & White

A black and white mantel is great when you want to bring a classic color pairing that brightens the room overall.
Stipulating that you want a simple mantel with just the right amount of appeal, black and white is the way to go. Not only do these two-color palettes somehow feel grand when they’re together, but they really do make any color palette work particularly, when it is blended with this color wave.

Tall & Unique

Adding shelves to your fireplace mantel will not only give you more room to work with and add more decor but it adds a unique twist that makes sense to your current decor.
If you have extremely tall ceilings, do not be afraid of elevating your mantel and creating a unique approach. Doing so will elongate the room while adding a unique element to the room. Consider adding shelving to your mantel to further push the idea of having a decorated area that is still very much functional and easy on the eye.

Stay tuned for additional information and other home and decor design ideas that will help and inspire you to design your home.

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