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Round Wall Mount Fireplace in Mirror Finish Stainless Steel


We’d like you to meet Vellum – the stainless steel round wall mount fireplace in mirror finish by Cocoon Fires. This modern and industrial decorative piece adds instant visual interest to any wall in your designer homes and breathes true warmth into any space. We like the porthole look – a round shape is not exactly typical of a fireplace and that’s what makes it unique. Completely made of marine grade stainless steel, the base has a mirror finish, while the face has a hairline finish, providing a subtle but pleasing textural variation. The inside chamber is also steel with a hairline finish. Now that you’ve been introduced, if you’d like to meet with the wall mount Vellum again, visit Cocoon Fires.

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Compact wall mounted wood burning fireplace design Miofocus by Focus

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