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Refined Design Ideas in Moscow Apartment by Shamsudin Kerimov

Architect Shamsudin Kerimov designed this luxury apartment in the spirit of the best luxury penthouses. Neutral tones, lavish materials, and refined balance design ideas are at the core of this designer homes project.

The open architecture design layout of this luxury apartment allows to keep all the areas in one coherent style to suit the interior decoration. The living zone stands somewhat separately, though, thanks to a sectional sofa that creates a barrier between a TV wall and a dining table.
Apartment in Moscow by Shamsudin Kerimov 900x637 Refined Elegance in Moscow Apartment by Shamsudin Kerimov

Luxury Apartment in Moscow by Shamsudin Kerimov.

Glass shelving at the side of a wooden TV wall is a kind of a peephole that opens visual communication between more private and public rooms. On the other side of it, there is a spacious home office that can be accessed through a door in the wall.

A small and rather minimal kitchen in the designer homes provides plenty of storage and working space for the residents. A tiny peninsula serves as a two-seater breakfast bar and a border between kitchen and dining area as per the interior design of this beautiful homes.

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Design Ideas To Know Before Designing Your Outdoor Space

Designing your designer homes outdoor space could be quite exciting, especially when you want to create a vacation like oasis. The key is knowing what kind of feel you want your space to have, do you want a chic feminine space? A crisp and clean space? And/or a space that comes with all the bells and whistles for entertainment? Whether you want to create a beautiful area for entertainment or you want a lazy hangout, these tips will help you design your outdoor space a whole lot easier.

Provide Shelter

outdoor space with shelter Important Things To Know Before Designing Your Outdoor Space

Once you have decided what kind of shelter you want the outdoor space of your designer homes to have you want your furniture and home decor match the aesthetics of your shelter. Doing so will have a matchy-matchy effect that is charming and chic. We love the design ideas of adding neutrals and working in light fixtures and a few colors.
First things first, in order to create the perfect outdoor space for your beautiful homes, you want to have some sort of shelter. Doing so allows you to spend time outdoors regardless of the weather. It is also essential if you plan on entertaining often. If your home and decor doesn’t naturally come with a sheltered space there are additional choices such as a gazebos, pergola, and a canopy. These design ideas options can help you have a sheltered area.

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