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Fireplace Mantels perfect for any Designer Homes

If you have a fireplace in the living room of your designer homes, then you know your fireplace is the heart of the room. Objectively, this happens because the fireplace seems to bring visual appeal to any type of personal style and interior design. Furthermore, there’s this sense of character that only a fireplace can truly achieve. With that being said, interior decorating your mantel truly comes with the seasons, which is why many of us compartmentalize our mantel into a “holiday or seasonal” interior decorating space in our beautiful homes, but wouldn’t it be great you could just decorate it once or twice and just let it sit there and be great without having to constantly change it around? Here are 10 design ideas to decorate your fireplace mantel regardless of the season.


antique on fireplace Fireplace Mantels perfect for any Season

If you truly want to bring a cohesive approach to the room add antique trinkets to the entire room.
Looking for a place to display all of your favorite antique trinkets? Your living room is there for a reason, and it’s the perfect place in your designer homes to display your antique items, especially your fireplace mantel. There’s something cohesive, fun and easy going about your mantel, which is why displaying your beloved antiques is always good design ideas. Furthermore, antique home decor adds character and appeal to the room in an overall appeal.

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Master Bathroom Design Ideas That Are Simple Yet Charming

Everyone who has a master bathroom in their designer homes knows there is nothing quite like lying in the tub after a long day of work and feeling the stress of your day simply wash away in your own personal bathroom. However, just like it can be extremely relaxing it can also be tedious to find the perfect home decor for the bathroom. The key is going for a simple space that has everything you need while feeling charming and relaxing. Keeping that idea in mind, we have put together a guide with master bathroom design ideas that are just oh so charming.

Clawfoot Tub

master bathroom with clawfoot tub Master Bathroom Ideas That Are A Simple Yet Charming

Keeping the room, neutral will ensure the room remains put together and chic while giving your clawfoot tub the focus it needs.
Nothing screams serenity quite like a clawfoot tub. They’re just so charming and cozy that they scream relaxation and beauty all at once and suit the interior design of your designer homes. Keep the walls in a neutral hue and allow the tub to make a statement of its very own. Additionally, add natural elements such as wood, and/or plants.

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