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13 Design Ideas For Lazy Entertaining Days

‘Tis the season to be sitting outside and enjoying the warmer months accompanied by an ice-cold lemonade right on the porch. Give your porch a brand new summery makeover that are perfect for those lazy summer days where guests simply want to have a good laugh and converse. Here are 15 fun and chic design ideas that are just as effective to create the perfect lazy entertaining days home decor right on your porch.

Hammock Chair

hammock chair 2 13 Porch Ideas For Lazy Entertaining Days

Instead of using only one hammock chair on your porch consider having a few hammock chairs as outdoor furnitures. Doing so is great for smaller porch areas due to them not taking up much space yet having a bold impact. Add cushions and even smaller pillows to add a charming, chic vibe.
Everyone can remember some time in their lives when laying on a hammock seemed like the most magic and relaxing idea. It is time to bring the hammock back, but in a more “adult-like” manner to fit in the interior design of your designer homes and that is by having a hammock chair. Throw in a few throw pillows and a soft blanket for that relaxing feel that is chic and fun.

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15 Lift-Top Coffee Tables Design Ideas

When a piece of furniture does double duty, it’s a keeper, especially for smaller spaces that need the innovation in your designer homes. Below, you’ll find 15 lift-top coffee tables that will help to organize your interior decoration space instantly while keeping your style in check. Mostly modern, but can be accessorized to your delight and interior design of your beautiful homes, let’s take a peek at these creative design ideas way stop furnish your designer homes, studio apartment, or even the dorm room back at college.

BryanCoffeeTablewithLiftTop 15 Lift Top Coffee Tables To Help Organize Your Space


Joss & Main starts us off with this stunning Bryan coffee table. It’s got storage options below and lifts up to add extra room while entertaining. It’s a great addition to a family-style home with traditional value and interior decoration.

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Design Ideas To Refresh Your Brick Fireplace

A brick fireplace is one of those items in the designer homes that is highly coveted. There is just something warm, cozy and intimate about it. However, if the one that is currently in your abode does not reflect your personal home decor taste, then it can feel more like a drag instead of an architecture design ideas. Thankfully, there’re some things you can do to completely change the appearance of your brick fireplace. Here are a few things you can do to refresh the fireplace in your beautiful homes.

Embrace the exposed brick

exposed brick fireplace 10 Ways To Refresh Your Brick Fireplace

When we think of a fireplace the very first thought maybe a fireplace in the living room. However, many times there are brick fireplaces in the master bedroom. If so they can make huge statement pieces in the interior design of your designer homes. The key is adding rustic touches to the room to bring it all together.

Do not be afraid of exposed brick, it can actually be a blessing in disguise. Embrace the uniqueness of an exposed brick fireplace and pair it with bold, bright hues for the perfect contrast between the two in your house design. It looks stunning against shades of blue or even hues of pink.

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