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13 Design Ideas For Lazy Entertaining Days

‘Tis the season to be sitting outside and enjoying the warmer months accompanied by an ice-cold lemonade right on the porch. Give your porch a brand new summery makeover that are perfect for those lazy summer days where guests simply want to have a good laugh and converse. Here are 15 fun and chic design ideas that are just as effective to create the perfect lazy entertaining days home decor right on your porch.

Hammock Chair

hammock chair 2 13 Porch Ideas For Lazy Entertaining Days

Instead of using only one hammock chair on your porch consider having a few hammock chairs as outdoor furnitures. Doing so is great for smaller porch areas due to them not taking up much space yet having a bold impact. Add cushions and even smaller pillows to add a charming, chic vibe.
Everyone can remember some time in their lives when laying on a hammock seemed like the most magic and relaxing idea. It is time to bring the hammock back, but in a more “adult-like” manner to fit in the interior design of your designer homes and that is by having a hammock chair. Throw in a few throw pillows and a soft blanket for that relaxing feel that is chic and fun.

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Design Ideas To Know Before Designing Your Outdoor Space

Designing your designer homes outdoor space could be quite exciting, especially when you want to create a vacation like oasis. The key is knowing what kind of feel you want your space to have, do you want a chic feminine space? A crisp and clean space? And/or a space that comes with all the bells and whistles for entertainment? Whether you want to create a beautiful area for entertainment or you want a lazy hangout, these tips will help you design your outdoor space a whole lot easier.

Provide Shelter

outdoor space with shelter Important Things To Know Before Designing Your Outdoor Space

Once you have decided what kind of shelter you want the outdoor space of your designer homes to have you want your furniture and home decor match the aesthetics of your shelter. Doing so will have a matchy-matchy effect that is charming and chic. We love the design ideas of adding neutrals and working in light fixtures and a few colors.
First things first, in order to create the perfect outdoor space for your beautiful homes, you want to have some sort of shelter. Doing so allows you to spend time outdoors regardless of the weather. It is also essential if you plan on entertaining often. If your home and decor doesn’t naturally come with a sheltered space there are additional choices such as a gazebos, pergola, and a canopy. These design ideas options can help you have a sheltered area.

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Design Ideas To Transition Your Patio From Summer To Fall

While fall is in full swing, many of us are still dreaming of summer’s warm weather and long days filled with sunshine and barbecue on the outdoor patio furniture of our designer homes. However, that is no longer the case, so it is time to decorate the patio for fall and embrace the beautiful fall colors that bring a cozy touch to the outdoor space of your designer homes. With a few easy updates, your porch could be fall ready in a matter of minutes. We’ve gathered some of our favorite patio home decor design ideas that will take your space from summer to fall quickly and beautifully.

Bring on the Color

fall color Tips To Transition Your Patio From Summer To Fall

If you’re looking for the perfect contrasting color, consider blue. Rich hues of navy will help bring a rich flair to your fall decor, pair with neutral hints that already exist in your designer homes patio for a beautiful contrast.

While the summer lends itself for beautiful pastel shades fall brings on richer hues that work well with nudes. Instead of maintaining your nudes with soft shades work in shades of orange, red, green, navy and plums. These shades work well together and with rich nudes to bring that festive touch of fall right on your patio furniture. For this look, consider throw pillows, blankets or even a colorful accent table or chair.

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Refreshing Home Decor Design Ideas For An Outdoor Shower

There is nothing quite as relaxing and luxurious in your designer homes as an outdoor shower. Whether you decide to install a minimalist piece to suit your interior design, or you go all out, an outdoor shower could be the refreshing touch your outdoor space home decor needs for the warm summer months. The following outdoor shower ideas will bring an invigorating touch right where you need it.

Spring Oasis

outdoor shower oasis Refreshing Ideas For An Outdoor Shower

Adding natural elements around will add to the “oasis” feel of the space in your beautiful homes. Consider having hints of color added to your oasis. The colors will bring vitality and beauty while still feeling natural. Keep the home interior space simple as much as you can. This is great when you have a smaller space.

Why have a traditional shower head when you can have a spring oasis? A spring oasis showerhead is specifically created for the outdoor space that goes well with your other outdoor furniture design ideas. The reason for this is they tend to have a wider water coverage, which in return will give you a summery resort feel. Pair with a few plants for a complete vacation vibe.

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