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Ignite The Night With These Brass Chandeliers

Whether it’s the foyer the dining room of your designer homes, it’s okay to add an extra bit of “fancy” to your home design. Ignite the night with these wonderful brass chandeliers design ideas. Big and small, there’s something for any size space below. Grab some design ideas and think about using something similar within your beautiful homes interior design.

modern brass chandelier makeover Ignite The Night With These 15 Brass Chandeliers

The White Buffalo Styling Co starts us off with this gorgeous brass chandelier makeover. Starting out with an older piece, they took a bit of paint and redid the entire design ideas. Changing out the solid foundation and matching it with a more contemporary style interior design made quite the charming statement.

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Contemporary Concrete Lamp From Foscarini

It’s undeniable that concrete is popular, but when did it become so homey and even exquisite? You can find all kinds of home decor accents and accessories made out of noble concrete on the market today. And this contemporary concrete lamp from Foscarini is yet another example of those design ideas for your designer homes.

Re-imagining the old design ideas of Aplomb lamp for Foscarini, Studio Lucidi & Pevere has turned in its Large but sleek version in three color options. Equipped with LED lights, the lamp is offered in dark and light as well as white to suit the interior design of your designer homes.

Aplomb Large in interior 900x1200 Contemporary Concrete Lamp From Foscarini is Stylish and Elegant

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Stair Risers are Book Shelves in This Amazing Wood Staircase Design Ideas

These stair risers are book shelves in this amazing wood staircase design ideas. An idea so clever, and so basic for your designer homes – yet this is the first time we’ve seen it. Why didn’t we think of that? From the outside, the staircase seems to be a very lightweight wood construction. And while we don’t know how it was built, we suspect there is a metal framework hidden inside the shelves for support. The big surprise? When you get to the desk under the stairs. The back of those risers are book shelves! The home was designed by Dekleva Gregoric Arhitekti and is located in Venice. So intuitive, so simple, so brilliant. An idea whose time has definitely arrived.

stair risers are bookshelves in this amazing wood staircase design 1 thumb autox945 55080 Stair Risers are Bookshelves in This Amazing Wood Staircase Design

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The Best Colors to Use in Small Homes

If you have a smaller home, you may think you are bound to only using white and beige shades in order to not make it appear larger. However, there are multiple different colors you can incorporate into your designer homes that will give you the appearance of a larger residence and fit in the interior design as well. Here are a few options of different colors you can use in a small home.


home with taupe paint The Best Colors to Use in Small Homes

Taupe can be used in more than just one way. Paint your walls with this shade and include it in the home decor you currently have. Pair this beautiful hue with a bold shade or two to truly bring the entire interior decoration together. There is no better way to do this than to use a bold hue such as yellow, orange, or blue.
Taupe is an excellent overall color for any size beautiful homes. It is chic, trendy and adds a dimensional feature to the living space. This color works best in the kitchen, home office, or even in the living room. The key is to pair it with other light hues and to allow the room to have lots of natural light.

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5 Coolest Modern Condos in Miami

Being an attractive residential spot, Miami features incredible house design and residential towers furnished for the effortless beach life. Therefore, if you’re looking for some of the most modern condos buildings, we’ve got you covered – we did the research and came up with a shortlist of five that are nothing short of mind-blowing. But be warned! Complete with all possible amenities a modern dweller could wish for and built with luxury materials they are no regular cookie-cutter housing buildings.

Sharing the modern architecture design style, it’s the premium services that make them really stand out. From concierge to laundry valet to housekeeping, these residential towers are made to give their dwellers everything they’ve dreamed of.

Icon South Beach

Icon South Beach 900x563 Living Splendor: 5 Coolest Modern Condos in Miami

In 2005, architect Philippe Starck and developer Jorge Perez have combined their efforts to create an S-shaped 40-storey tower in Biscayne Bay, which became the Icon South Beach. Complete with an infinity pool, billiard room, cafe, spa, and even a library, the residential tower is probably one of the most luxurious high-end residential buildings in Miami. Condos range between 851 and 2,158 square feet (79 – 200 sq m). And their floor-to-ceiling hurricane-proof windows and big balconies are opening up to beautiful views.

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Wood Floor Mosaic by Parchettificio

parchettificio wood floor mosaic calimala 2 Wood Floor Mosaic with steel and stone inserts by Parchettificio

If you love the classical appeal of wood floor mosaic, but can’t part with the traditional warmth of wood, you’re in luck! This floor mosaic with steel and stone inserts by Parchettificio blends the best of both world’s design ideas and fits in the interior design of your designer homes. These “tailor-made” floors are created exclusively by Italian master craftsmen and reflect the time-honored tradition of mosaic, with a modern twist. Antique oak, olive and recovered teak inlays complement hand-polished steel inserts, and oiled and waxed stone, all arranged in an exciting pattern that’s as exquisite as any art you’d display in your home.

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5 Unique Lamp Design Ideas You Should Consider for Your Next Remodel

Lamps make it easy to enrich the appearance and home decor of your designer homes with a lot of charm and grace. They do this in many different forms they enhance the lighting of your home while adding to the visual aesthetics of your current interior design. Even if you decide to simply add a lamp in a corner for better lighting it will bring together your entire look for that specific space in your beautiful homes by adding a visually appealing accent that only a lamp can provide.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of different lamps on the market. There are smaller and minimal lamps and then there are lamps that call your attention and make you gravitate towards them by one simple look. In our opinion, unique and intricate lamp design ideas are the types of lamps you want to have in your dream homes house plans. Especially if you are looking to remodel it and bring a new vision to life. Here are 5 unique lamp design ideas we have fallen in love with and think you should consider for your next remodel.

Rustic Beam Pendent Light

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Furniture Design Ideas That Never Go Out of Style

Decorating dream homes is very personal to the homeowner. In fact, it is so personal that it is said that the way your home decor is says a lot about you and your personality. Therefore, you want to have pieces of furniture that speak to you on a personal level. When it comes to finding furniture that will work well in any area of your designer homes you want to use classic pieces that will not go out of trend. Having these staple pieces will make interior decorating around them a breeze. The following furniture house design ideas are a staple in any area of your beautiful homes as they never go out of style.

Statement Rug

bold rugg 10 Furniture Pieces That Never Go Out of Style

A statement rug doesn’t have to have pattern instead you can choose a statement rug that is in a bold color. This will provide the same effect a patterned rug offers but in a more subtle form and will fit in the interior design of your designer homes. You can also choose to add other pieces in the color for a cohesive look.
Statement rugs have been around for hundreds of years, especially oriental ones. Rugs are great to have in any home decor space because of how easy they are to work with. A statement rug can make the space appear larger while still providing color and pattern to the interior decoration.

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Unique Wadi Penthouse Interior Design

Platau-renovated Wadi penthouse in Beirut’s Wadi Abu Jamil district is one the most unusual penthouses you’ll ever see. It’s not overly spacious or lavishly decorated, but the design ideas used are so full of creativity, you just have to see it for yourself to believe the interior decoration of this designer homes.

Taking advantage of pliability of wood, the architects went away from strict lines and proportions to create something completely different home interior.

Floating staircase is the crowning jewel of this lofts design 900x601 Unique Wadi Penthouse is Full of Surprises

Floating staircase is the crowning jewel of this loft’s design ideas.

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Fireplace Mantels perfect for any Designer Homes

If you have a fireplace in the living room of your designer homes, then you know your fireplace is the heart of the room. Objectively, this happens because the fireplace seems to bring visual appeal to any type of personal style and interior design. Furthermore, there’s this sense of character that only a fireplace can truly achieve. With that being said, interior decorating your mantel truly comes with the seasons, which is why many of us compartmentalize our mantel into a “holiday or seasonal” interior decorating space in our beautiful homes, but wouldn’t it be great you could just decorate it once or twice and just let it sit there and be great without having to constantly change it around? Here are 10 design ideas to decorate your fireplace mantel regardless of the season.


antique on fireplace Fireplace Mantels perfect for any Season

If you truly want to bring a cohesive approach to the room add antique trinkets to the entire room.
Looking for a place to display all of your favorite antique trinkets? Your living room is there for a reason, and it’s the perfect place in your designer homes to display your antique items, especially your fireplace mantel. There’s something cohesive, fun and easy going about your mantel, which is why displaying your beloved antiques is always good design ideas. Furthermore, antique home decor adds character and appeal to the room in an overall appeal.

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Master Bathroom Design Ideas That Are Simple Yet Charming

Everyone who has a master bathroom in their designer homes knows there is nothing quite like lying in the tub after a long day of work and feeling the stress of your day simply wash away in your own personal bathroom. However, just like it can be extremely relaxing it can also be tedious to find the perfect home decor for the bathroom. The key is going for a simple space that has everything you need while feeling charming and relaxing. Keeping that idea in mind, we have put together a guide with master bathroom design ideas that are just oh so charming.

Clawfoot Tub

master bathroom with clawfoot tub Master Bathroom Ideas That Are A Simple Yet Charming

Keeping the room, neutral will ensure the room remains put together and chic while giving your clawfoot tub the focus it needs.
Nothing screams serenity quite like a clawfoot tub. They’re just so charming and cozy that they scream relaxation and beauty all at once and suit the interior design of your designer homes. Keep the walls in a neutral hue and allow the tub to make a statement of its very own. Additionally, add natural elements such as wood, and/or plants.

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13 Design Ideas For Lazy Entertaining Days

‘Tis the season to be sitting outside and enjoying the warmer months accompanied by an ice-cold lemonade right on the porch. Give your porch a brand new summery makeover that are perfect for those lazy summer days where guests simply want to have a good laugh and converse. Here are 15 fun and chic design ideas that are just as effective to create the perfect lazy entertaining days home decor right on your porch.

Hammock Chair

hammock chair 2 13 Porch Ideas For Lazy Entertaining Days

Instead of using only one hammock chair on your porch consider having a few hammock chairs as outdoor furnitures. Doing so is great for smaller porch areas due to them not taking up much space yet having a bold impact. Add cushions and even smaller pillows to add a charming, chic vibe.
Everyone can remember some time in their lives when laying on a hammock seemed like the most magic and relaxing idea. It is time to bring the hammock back, but in a more “adult-like” manner to fit in the interior design of your designer homes and that is by having a hammock chair. Throw in a few throw pillows and a soft blanket for that relaxing feel that is chic and fun.

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15 Lift-Top Coffee Tables Design Ideas

When a piece of furniture does double duty, it’s a keeper, especially for smaller spaces that need the innovation in your designer homes. Below, you’ll find 15 lift-top coffee tables that will help to organize your interior decoration space instantly while keeping your style in check. Mostly modern, but can be accessorized to your delight and interior design of your beautiful homes, let’s take a peek at these creative design ideas way stop furnish your designer homes, studio apartment, or even the dorm room back at college.

BryanCoffeeTablewithLiftTop 15 Lift Top Coffee Tables To Help Organize Your Space


Joss & Main starts us off with this stunning Bryan coffee table. It’s got storage options below and lifts up to add extra room while entertaining. It’s a great addition to a family-style home with traditional value and interior decoration.

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Design Ideas To Refresh Your Brick Fireplace

A brick fireplace is one of those items in the designer homes that is highly coveted. There is just something warm, cozy and intimate about it. However, if the one that is currently in your abode does not reflect your personal home decor taste, then it can feel more like a drag instead of an architecture design ideas. Thankfully, there’re some things you can do to completely change the appearance of your brick fireplace. Here are a few things you can do to refresh the fireplace in your beautiful homes.

Embrace the exposed brick

exposed brick fireplace 10 Ways To Refresh Your Brick Fireplace

When we think of a fireplace the very first thought maybe a fireplace in the living room. However, many times there are brick fireplaces in the master bedroom. If so they can make huge statement pieces in the interior design of your designer homes. The key is adding rustic touches to the room to bring it all together.

Do not be afraid of exposed brick, it can actually be a blessing in disguise. Embrace the uniqueness of an exposed brick fireplace and pair it with bold, bright hues for the perfect contrast between the two in your house design. It looks stunning against shades of blue or even hues of pink.

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