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Refined Design Ideas in Moscow Apartment by Shamsudin Kerimov

Architect Shamsudin Kerimov designed this luxury apartment in the spirit of the best luxury penthouses. Neutral tones, lavish materials, and refined balance design ideas are at the core of this designer homes project.

The open architecture design layout of this luxury apartment allows to keep all the areas in one coherent style to suit the interior decoration. The living zone stands somewhat separately, though, thanks to a sectional sofa that creates a barrier between a TV wall and a dining table.
Apartment in Moscow by Shamsudin Kerimov 900x637 Refined Elegance in Moscow Apartment by Shamsudin Kerimov

Luxury Apartment in Moscow by Shamsudin Kerimov.

Glass shelving at the side of a wooden TV wall is a kind of a peephole that opens visual communication between more private and public rooms. On the other side of it, there is a spacious home office that can be accessed through a door in the wall.

A small and rather minimal kitchen in the designer homes provides plenty of storage and working space for the residents. A tiny peninsula serves as a two-seater breakfast bar and a border between kitchen and dining area as per the interior design of this beautiful homes.

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Design Ideas To Know Before Designing Your Outdoor Space

Designing your designer homes outdoor space could be quite exciting, especially when you want to create a vacation like oasis. The key is knowing what kind of feel you want your space to have, do you want a chic feminine space? A crisp and clean space? And/or a space that comes with all the bells and whistles for entertainment? Whether you want to create a beautiful area for entertainment or you want a lazy hangout, these tips will help you design your outdoor space a whole lot easier.

Provide Shelter

outdoor space with shelter Important Things To Know Before Designing Your Outdoor Space

Once you have decided what kind of shelter you want the outdoor space of your designer homes to have you want your furniture and home decor match the aesthetics of your shelter. Doing so will have a matchy-matchy effect that is charming and chic. We love the design ideas of adding neutrals and working in light fixtures and a few colors.
First things first, in order to create the perfect outdoor space for your beautiful homes, you want to have some sort of shelter. Doing so allows you to spend time outdoors regardless of the weather. It is also essential if you plan on entertaining often. If your home and decor doesn’t naturally come with a sheltered space there are additional choices such as a gazebos, pergola, and a canopy. These design ideas options can help you have a sheltered area.

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Chic Kitchen Design Ideas With Open Shelving

Displaying what’s inside of your kitchen cabinets can be quite terrifying in fact many of us would rather not go in that route. Yes, the mess does exist inside of the cabinets but it kind of feels a bit less when it’s covered behind cabinet doors. Time to embrace what’s behind the closed doors, and consider open shelving design ideas for your designer homes.

Open shelving are the latest kitchen home design ideas trend that is taking over, not only is it chic, and contemporary, but it can really open up a small kitchen. If we have yet to convince you on open shelving, consider one of these chic kitchens to inspire you for your next renovation of your designer homes.

Keep it Simple

open shelving simple Chic Kitchens With Open Shelving

Simplicity one of the best ways to fall in love with an open shelf concept in your home interior design. Start by having a few shelves and continue adding them in as you go.
Tons of plates or cups stacked up on each other isn’t always the most flattering, particularly if you want to display them in an open shelf, therefore; clear out your stack and keep it at a minimum while only displaying the dishes you love. Force yourself to minimize your set and watch your kitchen expand in size.

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White Bathroom Design Ideas That Will Inspire Your Next Renovations

White is chic, sharp, modern and the perfect color to brighten bathroom space of your designer homes. If you have been eyeing your next bathroom renovation or are looking for inspiration the following bathroom and bathroom furniture design ideas are sure to inspire you to want to change your aesthetics to a more crisp and airy space as per your home design.

Marble Extravaganza

marble extravaganza bathroom White Bathroom Designs That Will Inspire Your Next Renovations

Marble is beautiful on its own or as an additional texture piece which works exceptionally well in the bathroom of your designer homes. Use as part of your bathtub wall or even as part of your vanity or sink area. Consider having them in both places for a well-rounded look.
Marble is the perfect addition to white home decor because it’s not only white, but it still has a texture that adds visual appeal to your home design and interior decoration. Add marble on your vanity, as an accent wall, and/or even as your bathroom sink. Doing so will bring a textured touch while still being in the white color scheme.

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Floating TV Stands For Your Modern Designer Homes

You’ve heard of floating shelves before, right? Well, did you know that there are floating TV stands too? They’ll jazz up the interiors of your designer homes living room and help to transform the space into an interior decoration contemporary awakening. If you want to free up room or create something extraordinary, go with one of these entertainment centers that save space and stays within that same fashion-forward vision of the interior design of your beautiful homes.
Floating TV Stand Modern Wall Mounted Media Console   Lotus   Russet Brown   Woodwaves 800x 15 Floating TV Stands For Your Modern Living Room

Woodwaves showcases our first floating beauty. It has a mixed modern and rustic vibe while creating a unique space for your entertainment to remained focused and fit in well with your home design. If you want something for your designer homes that works in cramped spaces or along the lines of your long walls, this one is for you.

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Design Ideas To Transition Your Patio From Summer To Fall

While fall is in full swing, many of us are still dreaming of summer’s warm weather and long days filled with sunshine and barbecue on the outdoor patio furniture of our designer homes. However, that is no longer the case, so it is time to decorate the patio for fall and embrace the beautiful fall colors that bring a cozy touch to the outdoor space of your designer homes. With a few easy updates, your porch could be fall ready in a matter of minutes. We’ve gathered some of our favorite patio home decor design ideas that will take your space from summer to fall quickly and beautifully.

Bring on the Color

fall color Tips To Transition Your Patio From Summer To Fall

If you’re looking for the perfect contrasting color, consider blue. Rich hues of navy will help bring a rich flair to your fall decor, pair with neutral hints that already exist in your designer homes patio for a beautiful contrast.

While the summer lends itself for beautiful pastel shades fall brings on richer hues that work well with nudes. Instead of maintaining your nudes with soft shades work in shades of orange, red, green, navy and plums. These shades work well together and with rich nudes to bring that festive touch of fall right on your patio furniture. For this look, consider throw pillows, blankets or even a colorful accent table or chair.

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All-White Ethereal House is a Space-Efficient Apartment

Ethereal House is a design ideas designer homes project of Brian Factory located in Rome, sprawling across only 484 square of feet (44 sq.m.), we found on HomeDSGN. An all-white interior design utilizes space so efficiently, you’d never know it was tight.

Thanks to numerous windows in the home design and clever use of ambient lighting according to the white interior decoration, the small and beautiful homes looks airy and surprisingly spacious. Its living area boasts inspirational wall writing in a neutral tone and big font to make it appear grander than it really is.

Ethereal House by Brian Factory 900x600 All White Ethereal House is a Space Efficient Apartment in Rome

A TV wall separates the living zone from the minimal kitchen. Continuing into a bio fireplace, the divider ends with a white dining area which matches the home interior.

To make a mark in the bedroom, interior designer opted for an opalescent feature wall full of colorful pastel geometric shapes. In the bathroom modest wood takes over from the omnipresent pristine white.

Smaller details also make this particular white home decor stand out. Stacked storage boxes make a perfectly functional side table, while a white light modern fixture enhances the feature wall in your designer homes.

A small herbal patch, growing out of a bio fireplace, livens up the place, while rich textured wood flooring brings its natural warmth and dynamic to the home interior that could otherwise end up looking pretty sterile.

Take note of ceiling design that allows to incorporate inbuilt lighting, and make the place appear larger. It should be a prerequisite to any small space remodeling.

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Tiny Kitchens Design Ideas for Designer Homes

Style and home decor know no boundaries, yet it can become a bit overwhelming when you’re working with a smaller room particularly a smaller kitchen. While most rooms can be reorganized and adjusted to your liking, when you first take a glimpse at a smaller kitchen you might become a bit discouraged due to not knowing how to decorate the space as per your interior design. However, if you have a tiny kitchen in your designer homes here are a few examples of how to fall in love with the space.

Twist on Charcoal

charcoal gray kitchen Tiny Kitchens You Are Sure To Love

Charcoal gray is such a pretty, elegant color that it will also work well with wood bits that add a chic rustic twist to the kitchen of your beautiful homes.
While darker colors might seem intimidating for a smaller kitchen, they can be the complete opposite when they’re paired with lighter hues that brighten the interior decoration space. Consider a color such as charcoal gray, this hue is rich and bold but when it is paired with a marble island the hue seems to come to life in the simplest manner. Therefore, have darker hues around the border of the kitchen and brighter ones in the center.

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Round Fire Pits Design Ideas for Designer Homes

These round fire pits design ideas for your designer homes are perfect now that autumn is here and the nights are cooling down. Italian design firm, AK47 Design, has developed a collection of fire pits with something to suit every style and every backyard of your beautiful homes. A welcome addition to your outdoor fireplace space, a round fire pit is a spot where minds and bodies can gather around a crackling fire – you can even roast marshmallows. It’s a place for friends and family to sit together in a circle, to reflect and to connect. Not sure what your pit should look like? You’ve come to the right place – AK47’s round models run the gambit. From Zero to Zen, they’ve got you covered.
round firepit ideas zero 2 thumb 630xauto 57330 Round Fire Pit Ideas by AK47

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5 Pieces of Modern Bedroom Furniture

Are you in the midst of transforming your personal space into contemporary designer homes? Or maybe you’re looking for a few specific bits of finish off your vision? Whatever the case, we’ve compiled 5 pieces of modern bedroom furniture design ideas to peek at and knock your socks off. Simplicity and posh appeal fill each of these designs. From beds to dressers, let’s have a look at our favorite finds to suit the interior design of your beautiful homes.

Decor Puzzle gave us this peek as a sharp, floating vanity and we fell in love with both the innovation and its design ideas. It fits in the interior decoration of a glam, contemporary bedroom perfectly while providing the function users need. Personalize it atop with some home decor items and accessories!

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5 Round Glass Dining Room Tables

If you’ve been envisioning an ultra contemporary designer homes then you may have already had your eye on one of these stunning design ideas. For a unique take on a traditional space, why not choose to mix the all-wooden pieces and go with something with more of a modern twist? These 5 round, glass dining room tables will add sophistication to mealtime as well as interior design punch of the fashion-forward energy inside of your beautiful homes.

jensen round glass dining table 900x900 15 Round Glass Dining Room Tables That Add Sophistication To Mealtime

West Elm always has really great pieces for dream homes, and this one is no exception. The “Jensen” round table makes for a quaint and cozy space in your home decor to enjoy your meals but also one that’s been dipped in some mid-century modern style. The mixed material look also helps to round out the trendy vibes that you have your eye on.

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Design Ideas For A Dreamy Bathroom

Many may argue that the bathroom is one of the most personal rooms in your designer homes, and others will argue that it isn’t. In our opinion, the bathroom is one of the best areas to do interior decoration and to personalize it. The main reason being the bathroom can be transformed into numerous different things, especially if the room has the following essentials. The following design ideas will enhance your beautiful homes bathroom and give you the perfect, home decor dreamy space.

Even Lighting

symmetry in bathroom Design Essentials For A Dreamy Bathroom

There is something very chic and elegant about having even lighting in the bathroom. Keep your light fixture similar to one another or identical to ensure the interior design offers an even display of lighting throughout.

We love the design ideas of even lighting in the bathroom, especially when it is part of your sink decor or your vanity. Having even lighting has a spa-like effect that is warm and chic while still being dreamy and fun.

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Refreshing Home Decor Design Ideas For An Outdoor Shower

There is nothing quite as relaxing and luxurious in your designer homes as an outdoor shower. Whether you decide to install a minimalist piece to suit your interior design, or you go all out, an outdoor shower could be the refreshing touch your outdoor space home decor needs for the warm summer months. The following outdoor shower ideas will bring an invigorating touch right where you need it.

Spring Oasis

outdoor shower oasis Refreshing Ideas For An Outdoor Shower

Adding natural elements around will add to the “oasis” feel of the space in your beautiful homes. Consider having hints of color added to your oasis. The colors will bring vitality and beauty while still feeling natural. Keep the home interior space simple as much as you can. This is great when you have a smaller space.

Why have a traditional shower head when you can have a spring oasis? A spring oasis showerhead is specifically created for the outdoor space that goes well with your other outdoor furniture design ideas. The reason for this is they tend to have a wider water coverage, which in return will give you a summery resort feel. Pair with a few plants for a complete vacation vibe.

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Design Ideas To Wallpaper Your Kitchen

Wallpaper has come a very long way since your grandmother used to have it in the kitchen, so much so that they’re now on trend in a huge way to decorate the kitchen in your designer homes. Whether you want to create a traditional kitchen aesthetics, or you want a more modern twist the options are endless when you use the right wallpaper. Wallpaper is cost-effective, fun, and versatile depending on the visual you would like to achieve with specific patterns and colors for your beautiful homes.  These fun design your home ways to wallpaper your kitchen will drastically change your home decor layout.

Elevate Your Bar

palm leaf kitchen Fun Ways To Wallpaper Your Kitchen

If you do not have the space for a bar in your kitchen area you may want to consider having an accent table that doubles as a simple dining or breakfast space. Pairing with metallics and/or neutral hues to allow the palms to make the big statement they were intended to make.

Make your dream homes bar feel and look more elegant with a bold, colorful wallpaper as the background. Add a tropical touch to the space with a palm print wallpaper. Not only have these become trendy, but they are beautiful to look at and pair with other colorful bits.

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