5 Round Glass Dining Room Tables

If you’ve been envisioning an ultra contemporary designer homes then you may have already had your eye on one of these stunning design ideas. For a unique take on a traditional space, why not choose to mix the all-wooden pieces and go with something with more of a modern twist? These 5 round, glass dining room tables will add sophistication to mealtime as well as interior design punch of the fashion-forward energy inside of your beautiful homes.

jensen round glass dining table 900x900 15 Round Glass Dining Room Tables That Add Sophistication To Mealtime

West Elm always has really great pieces for dream homes, and this one is no exception. The “Jensen” round table makes for a quaint and cozy space in your home decor to enjoy your meals but also one that’s been dipped in some mid-century modern style. The mixed material look also helps to round out the trendy vibes that you have your eye on.

Homedit gushed about this beautiful piece and we had to scoop it up and share it as well. Mixing contemporary glass tops with a bottom that screams Victorian appeal, this is a unique choice that we’ve fallen in love with. It’s grandiose enough to fit your house design and a full dining room and the mixing of interior design genres here is flawless.

Home & Garden Design Ideas gives us the most versatile design on the list. Used in minimalistic, modern, or even more retro scenes of your home interior, this dining room table has the ability to fit within all kinds of home design. It can also hold both larger or smaller chairs depending on your needs.

CB2 offered up a gorgeous copper-inspired design ideas that we’re loving as well. If you want to add a punch of uniqueness to your fashion-forward dining room interior design, then think about adding a tone or metallic shade that isn’t as traditional. Paired with navy blue, it really takes on a trendy, stylish edge in your house design.

This piece from California Home Design is on the more contemporary and simplistic side. Although, it’s a bit more innovative in its base design ideas – with all of those extra legs. Use this one in your designer homes that has a vision for chicness and sharp lines.

Stay tuned for additional information and other home and decor design ideas that will help and inspire you to design your home.

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