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All-White Ethereal House is a Space-Efficient Apartment

Ethereal House is a design ideas designer homes project of Brian Factory located in Rome, sprawling across only 484 square of feet (44 sq.m.), we found on HomeDSGN. An all-white interior design utilizes space so efficiently, you’d never know it was tight.

Thanks to numerous windows in the home design and clever use of ambient lighting according to the white interior decoration, the small and beautiful homes looks airy and surprisingly spacious. Its living area boasts inspirational wall writing in a neutral tone and big font to make it appear grander than it really is.

Ethereal House by Brian Factory 900x600 All White Ethereal House is a Space Efficient Apartment in Rome

A TV wall separates the living zone from the minimal kitchen. Continuing into a bio fireplace, the divider ends with a white dining area which matches the home interior.

To make a mark in the bedroom, interior designer opted for an opalescent feature wall full of colorful pastel geometric shapes. In the bathroom modest wood takes over from the omnipresent pristine white.

Smaller details also make this particular white home decor stand out. Stacked storage boxes make a perfectly functional side table, while a white light modern fixture enhances the feature wall in your designer homes.

A small herbal patch, growing out of a bio fireplace, livens up the place, while rich textured wood flooring brings its natural warmth and dynamic to the home interior that could otherwise end up looking pretty sterile.

Take note of ceiling design that allows to incorporate inbuilt lighting, and make the place appear larger. It should be a prerequisite to any small space remodeling.

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Tiny Kitchens Design Ideas for Designer Homes

Style and home decor know no boundaries, yet it can become a bit overwhelming when you’re working with a smaller room particularly a smaller kitchen. While most rooms can be reorganized and adjusted to your liking, when you first take a glimpse at a smaller kitchen you might become a bit discouraged due to not knowing how to decorate the space as per your interior design. However, if you have a tiny kitchen in your designer homes here are a few examples of how to fall in love with the space.

Twist on Charcoal

charcoal gray kitchen Tiny Kitchens You Are Sure To Love

Charcoal gray is such a pretty, elegant color that it will also work well with wood bits that add a chic rustic twist to the kitchen of your beautiful homes.
While darker colors might seem intimidating for a smaller kitchen, they can be the complete opposite when they’re paired with lighter hues that brighten the interior decoration space. Consider a color such as charcoal gray, this hue is rich and bold but when it is paired with a marble island the hue seems to come to life in the simplest manner. Therefore, have darker hues around the border of the kitchen and brighter ones in the center.

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