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Gorgeous Living Rooms Ideas and Decor by Cattelan Italia

Although undeniably glamorous, these gorgeous living rooms ideas by Cattelan Italia don’t shout… they whisper sensuously into your ear. Much is made of period features and ornate detailing – but the look remains youthful and fresh. Colors are muted, rich, precious… warm beiges and crisp whites paired with mysterious blacks and velvety browns. Walls and furnishing blend together to give a feeling of space, and grand framed mirrors add to the effect, brightening the living space. Ornate and sophisticated patterns are used sparingly. The larger-than-life grandeur of the living rooms come though with Cattelan Italia’s characteristic attention to detail. Gorgeous crystal lamps cast sparkle around the room. Sofas are peppered with cosy cushions ready to sink into. Free-standing classical sculpture accents the period moulding, fireplace, staircases, and other classic features of the rooms. Sumptuous living room decor ideas that you’ll love to entertain in, by Cattelan Italia.

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