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Garden Furniture by Roberti Rattan

1-hanging-out-outdoors-never-looked-felt-better.jpgWhat could be more peaceful and relaxing than spending quality time outdoors with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in hand? When I’m hanging out outdoors I like to not only enjoy the view beyond my terrace of my designer homes, but also the view on my terrace and the Roberti garden collection offers a view that never looked or felt better and well suited to interior design of my beautiful homes.

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Eternity Chandelier by Koket


The Eternity chandelier by Koket is the epitome of illuminated extravagance. This chic light fixture features different-sized crystals, each encircled in polished brass rings that lend the look of fine jewelry, dressing up any room from overhead. The elegant cylindrical silhouette is dressed up with this dazzling diamond look all around and along the bottom, bringing sparkle to every upward glance. Dangling low above the dining table, suspended in the living area, or welcoming you home in the entry foyer, this stunning chandelier is a certain statement piece that screams luxury where ever you place it in your designer homes. Measuring 31.5 inches across and 11.8 inches high, it’s just the right size to catch your eye and hold your gaze… for Eternity. This chandelier is also available in a stainless steel finish to fit in the interior design of your beautiful homes. With a motto like “Love happens,” it’s no surprise that Koket has captured our hearts with this romantic design. For additional information and other home and decor design ideas, click here.

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Meccanica Kitchen with fabric doors


Italian kitchen company Demode is taking a softer approach to the culinary workspace with the Meccanica Kitchen, boasting fabric doors and a modern “dematerialized” design. But that’s not to say this contemporary kitchen has lost its edge! Created by interior designer Gabriele Centazzo and engineered by Valcucine, the Meccanica Kitchen reduces the amount of materials used, thus upping the eco factor and resulting in a slim, sleek aesthetic design ideas for your designer homes. This kitchen features a tubular iron frame outfitted with thin glass shelves and innovative fabric doors which are stain-resistant, removable and washable. The various modular elements can easily be assembled and dismantled as needed, customizable to any sized space. Another cool feature – it’s 100 per cent recyclable. And while function is at the forefront, fashion doesn’t take the back burner in this kitchen. In true Euro fashion, Meccanica stands out for its elegant, minimalist design, with a place for everything and everything in its place. Check this new idea and other ideas for home design by visiting Demode.

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Galvanized steel garden accessories from Laorus


French garden furniture company Laorus presents this cute collection of galvanized, powder coated steel garden accessories hailing from Charleville in the Ardennes, a region of known for its metal work traditions. Charming and practical, these cute design ideas includes a watering fountain, a basin and a three-legged stool to complement your garden or patio of your designer homes. Whether you’re watering the flowers, picking and washing fresh fruits and veggies, or rinsing off your muddy hands, boots and yard tools, these accessories come in handy for all your botanical needs. Hang the garden shears or hose neatly and conveniently on the rear hook – out of the way but conveniently on hand. Apart from its functional uses, the collection looks cute and comes in a wide range of colors. Check out the full line and other home decor products by visiting Laorus.

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Double View Bench from Outdoorz Gallery


The Double View Bench from Outdoorz Gallery is a small but sweet two-seater that is big on style and sustainability. French design firm Chloe De La Chaise put a literal twist on the traditional Victorian love seat in her contemporary bench concept, which features a double backrest that pivots back and forth, allowing a pair to sit side by side or face to face. The bowed base allows you to rock gently. Crafted by a French cabinetmaker with work recognized by the Ateliers d’Art de France, the Double View Bench features quality construction and is made using sustainably harvested materials – of the four pieces of wood used, three come from certified forests in France, and the fourth is moabi, a naturally oiled African wood also sustainably harvested. Wood choices include chestnut, oak, robinia-acacia and moabi. With just 50 Double View Benches in existence, this limited edition piece is in high demand and can be yours for a price of 2979€. For more information on outdoor furniture, visit Outdoorz Gallery.

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Tire table from Tavomatico


How’s this for “body shop chic?” This cool tire table from Tavomatico features two circular discs of plexiglass – one on the top and one on the bottom, turning a tire into a tabletop with storage space inside. Four small wheels mounted to the bottom let you roll this unusual table to your desired location – in the living room of your designer homes or den, home office, studio, or to the man cave – this piece is certainly dressed the part to fit in the interior design of your beautiful homes. The thick, chunky tire tread brings a bit of built-in texture to the design, but it’s all been finished to make it smooth, odorless and resistant to wear and tear. But with its original intended use for the road, there’s not much this little table can’t take. The traditional black finish screams industrial chic, or opt for a vibrant color to transform this former auto element into a fabulous furniture piece. An optional LED light takes this modern table to the next level. What designer ideas to better design your home. The tire table is available in a range of sizes and color options. Check it out by visiting Tavomatico.

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Archibald King Armchair from Poltrona Frau


The Archibald King armchair from Italian furniture maker Poltrona Frau is the latest and greatest take on its 2009 Archibald original. These iconic design ideas by Jean-Marie Massaud stands out for its regal silhouette and beautiful buttery leather that will make sitters swoon. The distinctive headrest makes as much a statement of style as for comfort, inviting you to sink into its deep seat and high armrests, and surrender to its warm embrace. Coupled with the matching footrest, this sweet seat is as comfy as they come. The steel frame is filled with molded polyurethane foam padding that offers just the right support and cushion for total comfort. It’s all clad in luxurious leather upholstery with fine stitching and a lovely little frill along its edge. Available in a full spectrum of colors and finishes, the Archibald armchair will be right and fit in the interior design of your designer homes. Check it out by visiting Poltrona Frau.

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Occasional Daybeds Spartan, Shade, Iglu by Skyline Designs


Skyline Design has become a fixture for luxury lounge furniture for the outdoors, and this trio of occasional daybeds are as dreamy as they come. Featuring a casual wicker weave combined with contemporary silhouettes, these daybeds are inviting for alfresco lolling and lazing under the sun. Expertly crafted from synthetic woven wicker and cane, they are finished with weather-resistant and washable materials that make for a low-maintenance lounger. Skyline furniture is 100% recyclable, delivering guilt-free luxury at its finest.

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Napali Sectional Sofa from Bretz Wohntraume


The Napali sectional sofa from German company Bretz Wohntraume is what contemporary customizable comfort is all about. This cozy corner couch comes with three basic components: the extension element (outfitted with one backrest), the corner section (with two backrests placed at a right angle), and an ottoman. From here, it’s entirely up to you how you will piece these versatile parts together, or separately – cozy loveseat for two or a straight sofa for 20, a corner configuration, a U-shaped lounging area, or plan out your living room with coordinated seating to accommodate as many people as your room can hold! And if you can’t commit to one particular set-up. you can rearrange these pieces as often as you’d like and the best suited to the interior design of your beautiful homes. These modular components are accented by large, plush cushions that call you to sit, lean, lie back and lounge. The luxurious velvet upholstery comes together in an eclectic yet cohesive patchwork of complementary colors and patterns. We don’t know which we love more – the rich purple shade with gold-toned pattern, or the deep blue accented with shimmering emerald green. Visit Bretz Wohntraume for more info on home and decor design ideas.

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Italian Globe Pendant Lights GLO from Penta


The GLO Collection by Italian lighting company Penta is an elegant though unusual collection of pendants that will light up your designer homes and illuminate your sleek sense of interior design. These contemporary lamp design ideas by Carlo Colombo features globes of borosilicate glass finished with chromed metal and suspended by a barely-there line for a floating effect. The glass comes in clear, or opt for a gold, silver or iridescent treatment for a touch of luxury to these suspended sculptures of glass and light. We love the look you get by grouping different sizes and finishes at different heights, hanging low from a high ceiling and creating an illuminated art installation. Suspended in a stairwell, the effect is simply stunning. But the GLO pendant also makes an eye-catching impression when hanging all on its own – a solo stunner in the dining area, living room, home office or library. Also available in a table lamp design. For additional info and other home decor products please visit Penta Light.

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Colored Glass Table Lamps from Pottery Barn


Perfectly on trend with the colored glass craze, this collection of Clift Glass Table Lamps from Pottery Barn is a light and airy addition to any casual, comfortable, eclectic setting of your designer homes. Design ideas inspired by oversized wine jug spotted at a Sonoma winery, these glass table lamps have a wonderfully rustic quality that’s perfect for laid-back living rooms, relaxed reading rooms, and cottage-chic spaces where R&R is the name of the game. The hand-blown glass boasts a flawed, dappled texture which reminds us of weathered beach glass, scoured, shaped and faded by relentless crashing ocean waves. Choose from round and cylindrical shaped bases, available in transparent Blue, Espresso and Eggplant colors to suit the interior design of your beautiful homes. Light up your home and visit Pottery Barn.

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Swingrest hanging lounger by Dedon

Cool Computer Table Design Ideas by Schulte Design


In an age when computers have become part of daily work and play – and sitting for hours on end has become a literal pain in the butt! – the Pavos computer table from Schulte Design lets you stand while you scroll, type and surf. This cool tabletop features a section that can be raised up to the desired height so you can place your keyboard or laptop within reach while you stand by. But if sitting is your thing, this table also serves as a stylish desk where you can pull up a seat and work in total comfort and style. This solid wood table makes a great addition to your designer homes or commercial office spaces, or used as a dining table, complete with its own rising surface for serving wine and cheese or displaying a stunning centerpiece. This home decor or office utility product fits in your interior design, be it your beautiful home or your modern office. The Pavos table comes in a selection of different woods, and for a more contemporary twist, an optional stainless steel-covered frame. Additional information is available by visiting Schulte Design.

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Axor Starck Organic by Hansgrohe


With renowned interior designer Philippe Stark’s signature forward-thinking fashion and funk, the new Axor Starck Organic faucet collection from Hansgrohe is making waves, so to speak, both for its looks and its ecologically responsible design ideas. Inspired by water, this sculptural line of wall- and deck-mounted sink, bidet, tub and shower hardware does away with rigidity and adopts an organic (as the name would imply!), free-flowing form. Like its muse, the line has a minimalist appeal, combining the mixer and handle into one, complementing earthy as well as contemporary style spaces. Adding brains to beauty, this faucet line is also making waves, so to speak, thanks to its “smart” and efficient use of water – just 3.5 l/min. But when you need a little extra flow, these faucets come equipped with a booster that increases that volume up to 5 l/min. The flow and temperature are controlled separately, but are all part of one sleek, streamlined unit to fit in the bathroom of your designer homes. Choose from over 40 different elements, all part of the new Axor Starck Organic collection. For additional information on these bathroom faucets and other home decor products, visit Hansgrohe.

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