5 Super Cool Side Table Lamps

From the living room to the nightstands in the bedroom of your designer homes, some extra lighting is key to a rounded out and functional space in the home decor. But that doesn’t mean that necessity inside those areas needs to be boring. Instead, check out these 5 super cool lamps that will amp up your beautiful homes side table style by just adding it to the scene. Our favorites our below, let us know which one strikes your fancy and suit the interior design of your designer homes!

unicorn table lamp 900x348 15 Super Cool Lamps That Will Amp Up Your Side Table Style


Target stopped us in our tracks with this golden unicorn lamp. Whether it’s in the kiddo’s room or on the desk in your office, this will definitely make a fun statement and fit in your home decor. And it’ll combine well with colors and neutrals alike.

paper clip table lamp 15 Super Cool Lamps That Will Amp Up Your Side Table Style

Over at PB Teen, you’ll really find the perfect desk lamp for your home design. Your teen will love doing homework at her desk with this addition. And you’ll love this at your own desk too as you can add family photos or to-do lists to the clipping.

Here’s a mixed material desk lamp from West Elm that we’re really digging as well. It comes in a gorgeous shade of midnight blue, light bronze, and a dark gray finish that’s quite versatile and romantic. We love how this is a smaller design as well, making it perfect for desks, hallway tables, and the like in your home interior.

If you’re trying to create a space filled with fun and youthful spirits, check out all the design ideas options that Urban Outfitters has to offer. In the meantime, we’re featuring this flamingo lamp because we love its easy charm. It’s a great addition for dorm rooms, apartments, or teen bedrooms, don’t you think?

And finally, Anthropologie gave us this “hare” lamp that would be a unique addition as well to your home decor. It’s abstract, it’s surprising, and definitely a conversation starter as well. For a table lamp, it’s a bit on the pricy side but it’s also like you’re buying a piece of art with this one!

Stay tuned for additional information and other home and decor design ideas.

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