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Modern Recliner Sofa Free by Futura


Design ideas inspired by the shape of a flower, this modern recliner sofa called Free by Futura has caught our attention. Its design makes it ideal for lounging sessions or catching some Zs. Each ‘petal’ reclines independently so that you can create your perfect balanced environment. The swivel base comes in a black or chrome finish and the cover is removable for easy cleaning and to suit the interior design of your designer homes. It’s definitely a very eye-catching piece of furniture for a modern sitting lounge. Get more details at interior decoration and other home decor products at Futura.

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Amazing Garden Furniture Arena by Schoenhuber Franchi


We were happy to find this amazing garden furniture by interior designer Schoenhuber Franchi – the Arena outdoor furnitures collection – because it encouraged some summer daydreams of lounging in luscious gardens or on breezy beaches. Made of steam-curved ash wood, the Arena love seat, armchair and table make a perfect family for any contemporary garden space. The scratch proof paint and waterproof cushions make this furniture ideal for withstanding the elements. The soft curves of these design ideas make these pieces inviting and friendly. Find out more on patio furniture and outdoor furniture for your beautiful homes at Schoenhuber Franchi.

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Fun Painted Furniture by Kare Design


For those looking to add some serious flair to the interior of their designer homes, consider something from Ibiza – a fun painted furniture collection by Kare Design. From tables to storage units and mirrors, this colorful collection aims to surprise and excite. The patterns and design ideas blend modernized oriental and classic styles for a truly unique and global look. Ibiza furniture items are passionately hand painted and made from acacia and mango wood. Get more information on home and decor at Kare Design.

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Polyethylene Lighting by Plust


Leave it to a Plust Collection to provide dramatic yet elegant polyethylene lighting solutions for interiors and exteriors alike. Inspired by the appeal of oversized flowers, the Harbo and Boyo polyethylene lights can create a very special environment in any modern / contemporary interior design. Harbo is the taller, slimmer light, whereas Boyo is the rounder, shorter one. They are both sleek and minimal and give off an inviting and calming glow. Shape and form is an important element when designing spaces. These Plust lights are a wonderful way to add that dimension to your designer homes. The vases are 100% made in Italy out of polyethylene with a stainless steel base. Find out more at Plust.

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Indoor Outdoor BioEthanol Fireplace by Vauni


The lovely Globe bio ethanol fireplace by Vauni is meant to be enjoyed all year round, inside or outside of your beautiful homes. Who says the comforting glow of an outdoor fireplace can’t be enjoyed on a midsummer night’s eve? Its appealing spherical design ideas are meant to look great as a structure but also to encourage friendly gatherings around it. Globe is a unique piece that will enhance any modern outdoor or indoor interior design. Whether free standing or elevated by a foot, this fireplace can be easily rotated 360 degrees for optimal enjoyment. Globe is designed by interior designer Markus Grip and is available in two variations; cast iron with a matt finish or polished black granite. Visit Vauni to learn more on interior decorating and outdoor furnitures for your designer homes.

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Interesting Coffee Table Stitch by Uhuru Design


No need for interesting coffee table books when you have a Stitch Table, made by Uhuru Design. It has a unique aesthetic and makes for a great conversation starter. The top is made of a wooden slab with a naturally occurring split. Held together by four stitches made of recycled plastic, it sits a top a matching base made of powder coated blackened steel. Because each wood slab is locally milled and dried, no two tables are exactly alike, ensuring a unique piece every time to fit in the interior design of your designer homes. The contrast between the colored steel and stitches against the natural beauty of the wood top slab is really hip and striking. This table is sure to warm up and cheer up any modern space. Visit Uhuru to find out more on other design ideas for your beautiful homes.

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Upholstered Armchair Cocon by Super Ette


It’s not everyday that you come across design ideas like Cocon by Super Ette – an upholstered armchair with a unique removable cover. Many of us have trouble parting with the coziness and warmth of our duvet covers in the morning, knowing we’ll only be reunited with that feeling at the end of the day. But with a chair like Cocon, we can increase the amount of warmth and coziness throughout the day as well. It’s the perfect chair for amazing snuggle sessions in modern contemporary designer homes or your office settings. The duvet cover is removable and washable and allows you to zip yourself up in contentment whenever you need it. Find out more on interior decoration and home decor products at Super Ette.

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Unique Rugs from ByHenzel


We are sure you’ll be amazed by the unique design ideas of ByHenzel rugs. These contemporary, custom made rugs become a striking focal point of any space. They definitely have this bold, artsy-collage, one-of-a-kind feel to them. Made with careful regard to the environment and out of the finest materials available (namely New Zealand Wool and Mulberry Silk) – these rugs ensure quality and safety wrapped in a distinct stylish package to suit the interior design of your beautiful homes. When it comes to unusual and appealing rug design, it’s hard to beat the aesthetic offered by this company. Visit ByHenzel to learn more on home decor products and interior decorating your designer homes.

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Swing Arm Table Lamp by Kare Design


Bloom lamps by Kare Design are swing arm table and floor lamps that are playfully whimsical in a contemporary way. Perfect for those who like to inject a little dramatic flair for a fun, modern space. The pink or white ‘petals’ that surround the bulb create the exciting and characteristic flower-like shade, made of polypropylene. The swing arm base, made of iron chrome, can be moved and shaped as desired, which means you can adjust the lamps height, reach and direction to suit your needs in the interior design of your designer homes. A real bouquet of light to brighten your day. Learn more about interior decoration and other other home decor products at Kare Design.

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Glowing Light Balls Bench by Manfred Kielnhofer


Interior design style preferences aside, one can’t argue the fact that the Glowing Light Balls Bench by Manfred Kielnhofer instills awe and intrigue. The Glowing Light Balls Bench is functional art – it evokes emotion and begs to be used even if just for one exciting moment. Composed of three illuminated spheres and two intersecting boards, it boasts really simple design ideas for your designer homes, but leaves quite an impact. It’s a real statement piece, perfect for any ultra modern setting, whether commercial, residential, public or private. Learn more about the Glowing Light Balls Bench and other interesting interior decorating and design your home products on Kielnhofer’s website.

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Sleek Modern Bathroom Collection Prima by Bluform


Prima is the sleek modern bathroom collection by Bluform, and it’s brand new. We are impressed with the harmony this collection exudes. Curved elegant lines mixed with modern innovative designs, it’s the perfect collection for a calm contemporary bathroom space. The bath seems to envelop, the sink is simple and functional, and the shower base is perfectly designed to drain water while maintaining its slim, unique look. Prima is a collaboration with Pininfarina Design Studio. Find out more at Bluform.

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Crystal Bulb Lighting by Lee Broom


Exposed bulb pendant lighting has been popping up everywhere, but this Crystal Bulb lighting by Lee Broom is something quite special. Cutting crystal is a craft and an art. These hand blown bulbs are expertly created and carved for a truly unique kind of lighting. Lee Broom teamed up with the only producer of full lead crystal left in the UK, Cumbria Crystal, to create this minimal, yet ultra luxurious lighting solution to suit the interior design of your designer homes. Hang a solitary bulb or group them in a bunch, these bulbs will play with light to create a magical ambiance in any interior space. Crystal Bulb will be available early July 2012. Visit Lee Broom for details on other home decor products.

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Knotty Pine Kitchen By Minacciolo


If you like the look of knotty pine in interior design of your designer homes, then the Natural Skin kitchen by Minacciolo may be calling your name. The harmonious blend of metal and knotty pine wood is simply spectacular – a solid, technologically innovative, metal structure wearing a beautiful, “natural skin”. The interaction and contrast feels almost poetic. This kitchen is elegant and strong, perfect for a contemporary home looking to make that statement. I can imagine myself spending many hours in this modern kitchen … and I don’t even like cooking, ha! Learn more about the Natural Skin kitchen at Minacciolo.

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Three Dimensional Tiles by Lenny Kravitz


The Goccia three dimensional tiles by Lea Ceramiche are actually born out of a collaboration with Kravitz Design – yes, Kravitz as in Lenny Kravitz, the musician. In 2003 Kravitz put together a creative team and set up a design studio. Goccia wall tiles is one of their newest ventures and we are happy to be sharing them with you here. As with all Lea Ceramiche products you can expect the highest quality from Goccia tiles. Inspired by how light interacts with water (“Goccia” means “drop” in Italian), the concave and convex quality of these tiles also plays with reflected light and generates movement within a space. Pattern, texture, dimension, expression – these tiles offer a lot more than just a way to cover a surface. Goccia three dimensional tiles are available strictly in black or white and in a glossy or matte finish. Learn more at Lea Ceramiche.

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