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Super Compact Sauna Inipi B by Duravit


The Inipi B Sauna by Duravit is so super compact that you can install it right in a regular sized bathroom. A lot of the time, we put home saunas in other spaces, like the basement, because the sauna requires quite a lot of room. But thanks to Duravit’s collaboration with design studio EOOS, we have options to easily fit a modern sauna into our bathroom and turn it into a real relaxing oasis. The one person compact version measures only 120cm X 120cm, while the two person compact version measures 240cm X 120 cm. It’s also designed to be easily assembled and disassembled, so whether you are living in a rented space or planning to move around, you can always take Inipi B with you. Space efficient, flexible and of great quality, this sauna also boasts a restrained elegance that’s perfectly suited to a modern spa like feel. Learn more about interior design and other home decor products at Duravit.

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Blown Glass Pendant Lamps by Prandina


Prandina showed off four of their new blown glass pendant lamps at the Light & Building 2012 fair. We had to share them with you because these pendants are something to see. The new lamps are called Tiara, Gong, Bloom and Chorus and they all share a smooth, curved appeal. Tiara is pure elegance, and our favorite. The bottom part of the diffuser has a slightly truncated cone shape upon which a perfectly circular shape sits. Only a line of light separates the seamlessness between these shapes and gives this lamp such charm. Gong is like a cocoon; strong yet delicate encasing something beautiful. In this case, it’s light. Bloom is the mysterious one; providing up and down lighting, this lamp gives off a nice diffused light to enhance the ambiance. Chorus is the one that plays with subtle angles on a cylindrical shape; depending where you view if from, its shape can slightly change on you. Go to Prandina for more details on home interior and other home decor products.

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Outdoor Wood Flooring Larideck by Bellotti


Larideck is a modular outdoor wood flooring system made by Bellotti. Made to fit on almost any surface, it’s super easy to install and remove – so your wood floor can come with you or be adapted when you wish. Perfect for the poolside, for a garden path, for patio flooring and even for saunas, Larideck flooring is sure to give any outdoor space that refined finishing touch. Wood flooring is such a beautiful option for outdoor spaces because it ties in with nature perfectly, or it brings a unique warmth to a space that lacks natural elements – so either way it’s something special. Larideck flooring is available in a variety of different wood types, like mahogany, teak and iroko and as of lately, also available in an eco cork version. Visit Bellotti for more information.

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Copper and Stainless Steel Shade Pendants


Leave it to interior designer Tom Dixon for inspired lighting design ideas, like these copper and stainless steel shade pendants called Etch. They’re quite beautiful and appropriate for designer homes. The metal gives them a glamorous industrial feel and the geometric shape feels modern. Inspired by the logic of pure mathematics, Etch is made up of thin, digitally etched, copper sheets. When lit, some glorious shadows are created through the shade’s pattern. Some fabulous candle holders were also inspired by this design. The light of a flickering flame must look really awesome through this material. Visit Tom Dixon to learn more.

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Art Wall Tiles by Mosarte


Inspired by modern Brazilian art and architecture, Mosarte introduces a new collection of wall tiles called Modern Art. When I saw these wall tiles, I couldn’t help but think what creative alternatives they would make to wood paneling. The are absolutely beautiful and would make an artisitc statement in any designer homes. The relief of the organic shapes, arches and angles, straight lines and curves, give the tiles a very modern mid century appeal. The designs are cut using water jet technology, which allows for precise and intricate designs. The wood tiles featured here are just one type from the Modern Art collection and they are called Niterol. They are also available in marble and bianco pigues versions. The wood and bianco pigues can only be used indoors. Visit Mosarte for more info about the whole collection of products.

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Minimalist Bathroom Furniture Nendo by Bisazza Bagno


Bisazza Bagno is presenting a new series of bathroom furniture called the Nendo Collection. Designed by Nendo, a Japanese design studio, this collection is simple sophistication at its best. For the first time, Bisazza is using larch wood to define this bathroom collection. Larch wood is known for its warm, golden hue and is the perfect natural material to express the understated elegance of this collection. But it doesn’t end with the material. The Nendo collection is also defined by clean, minimalist lines. Together, these items create a serene environment for any modern homes contemporary bathroom space. We are completely in love with the tub! Visit Bisazza Bagno to learn more on interior decoration and other home decor products.

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Quirky Chair Design by 56th Studio


Whether you like these quirky chair design ideas by 56th Studio or not, you can’t deny that it stirs some sort of emotional reaction. In that sense, they could be equated to art that can be sat upon. 56th Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio, involved in graphic, product, prop and set design, to name a few. They describe their style as “luxe-personified yet kitschy, neo-ethnic, eclectically bold and youthful”. We like these chair designs because they are surprising and different and fits in the interior design of your designer homes. Given that most of the chairs seem to have somewhat of a face, it seems they have their own personalities. The goal at 56th Studio is to create designs that are not only functional but that also communicate something. What are these chairs saying to you? Visit 56th Studio for more fun.

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Decorative Poufs by LocaNera


A decorative pouf is a very versatile interior design item, especially when they are as joyful as the ones created by LocaNera. These poufs do not only function as places to sit, rest or prop up your feet. They also inject color, pattern and texture into your space in the blink of an eye, giving your home interior scheme the extra depth you may be after. You can easily move them around, purely for looks or even to better accommodate function. LocaNera is strong on materials and color research, which is pretty obvious by looking at their poufs. Their design ideas are expressive and the colors are striking. You can choose between two sizes. Learn more at LocaNera.

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Compact Kitchen Design Board by Snaidero


In the name of the growing trend toward open plan and adaptable living, Snaidero introduces Board, a modern kitchen with smart, compact design ideas. Designed by interior designer Pietro Arosio, this compact kitchen can be easily integrated into any space in your designer homes. As simple as the design may appear, it took some real creative effort to realize – they ended up with a sleek, simple solution to a potentially complex problem. The kitchen sits along one wall, with only one protruding module which holds the stovetop, work top and sink. The rest of the kitchen is neatly tucked away behind a smooth, uniform exterior, which doesn’t disrupt the eye, but keeps everything readily accessible. It really is a wonderful solution for space efficient loft-like living. Board will be officially unveiled at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair. Visit Snaidero for more information on home design, interior decoration and other home decor products.

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White Pendant Lights by Cattelan Italia


If you like white pendant lights, you may be interested in the Artic pendant light by Cattelan Italia. Resembling a frosted icy surface textured by linear details like tracks in snow, it makes a strong statement but in a quiet, elegant way. Contrasted by color or blending in to a white, neutral scheme, these lights have the potential to add that finishing touch to your interior design and play a key role in the lighting scheme of your designer homes. Cattelan Italia makes a whole range of interior home decor products, all made in Italy. Visit Cattelan to find out more on interior decoration, home design and design your homes ideas.

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Handmade Glass Tables Bell by Classicon


The design of the handmade glass Bell tables by Classicon has a sort of topsy turvy appeal, using a lightweight transparent material for the base, and a solid, dense material up top. Designed by interior designer Sebastian Henker, the bell-shaped base is hand-blown using a wooden mould. This means, no one piece is exactly like the other – small “imperfections” and differences just reminds of the the hand crafted nature, quality and uniqueness of this item. Its heavy metallic brass top contrasts the delicate, playful nature of the glass base – giving this table a very unique personality. Because of the table’s shape and materials, it has the ability to suit any interior design of your designer homes. Bell Tables will be shown at Salone del Mobile 2012. Visit Classicon for more info on these beautiful design ideas and other home decor products..

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Exceptional Tufted Leather Sofa and Chair by Baxter


This exceptional tufted leather sofa and chair by Baxter has a dreamy quality about it that transforms the traditional (does it get any more traditional than tufted leather?) into something entirely unexpected. Aptly named the Chester Moon, this seating collection features a soft aesthetic that’s almost cloud-like – the perfect place to relax, put your feet up and just dream away. The tufted detail really accentuated the cushy quality, complemented by the rounded edges and down-to-the-floor upholstery – look Ma, no feet! Available in a matching sofa and chair design for the interior design of your designer homes, the Chester Moon collection makes an ideal addition to modern, minimalist living spaces and luxe lounging rooms alike. For more details on home and decor, interior decorating and other home design ideas, visit online at Baxter.

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Rustic Wood Sofa Utah by Riva


Utah is a rustic wood sofa by Riva that makes quite a statement, not only from its visual appearance, but from its history as well. Visually, Utah is quite imposing but the worn wood, the leather and its size gives it a sort of friendly giant feel – cozy, trustworthy, comfortable and wise for your beautiful homes. It would look great in a mountain lodge setting, or maybe a stylish, bold contrast in a minimal, modern setting in your designer homes. If you’re not yet charmed by it, let me tell you the story. Riva recently decided to give new life to a special Venetian material called Briccolas. Briccolas are actually the posts that sit in the lagoons. They need to be replaced approximately every ten years due to natural erosion and the work of mollusks – their craftiness can be noticed by the characteristic mini holes in the wood. The Utah sofa, which can be made to measure by the way, is one of the resulting creations born out of Riva’s reuse and redesign philosophy. Nice story, right? Visit Riva to find out more on interior decoration and other home design ideas.

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Original Chair Design by Martz Edition


The flowing, continuos design ideas of these chairs by interior designer Martz Edition is what makes it so original and visually pleasing. Like a super stylish nest or nook, this chair defines its function in a unique way – you get wrapped in it, the lines follow those of a body in a seated position – the user and item become one unit. The look is modern and the chair comes in a variety of finishing and color choices , like an aluminum or wood body and fabric or leather upholstery to fit the interior design of your designer homes. Actually, depending on your choices, some of these chairs even give of a sort of retro vibe. These chairs would fit comfortably in a modern, contemporary setting. Learn more more about these chairs and other home decor products at Martz Edition.

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