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Knotty Pine Kitchen By Minacciolo


If you like the look of knotty pine in interior design of your designer homes, then the Natural Skin kitchen by Minacciolo may be calling your name. The harmonious blend of metal and knotty pine wood is simply spectacular – a solid, technologically innovative, metal structure wearing a beautiful, “natural skin”. The interaction and contrast feels almost poetic. This kitchen is elegant and strong, perfect for a contemporary home looking to make that statement. I can imagine myself spending many hours in this modern kitchen … and I don’t even like cooking, ha! Learn more about the Natural Skin kitchen at Minacciolo.

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Three Dimensional Tiles by Lenny Kravitz


The Goccia three dimensional tiles by Lea Ceramiche are actually born out of a collaboration with Kravitz Design – yes, Kravitz as in Lenny Kravitz, the musician. In 2003 Kravitz put together a creative team and set up a design studio. Goccia wall tiles is one of their newest ventures and we are happy to be sharing them with you here. As with all Lea Ceramiche products you can expect the highest quality from Goccia tiles. Inspired by how light interacts with water (“Goccia” means “drop” in Italian), the concave and convex quality of these tiles also plays with reflected light and generates movement within a space. Pattern, texture, dimension, expression – these tiles offer a lot more than just a way to cover a surface. Goccia three dimensional tiles are available strictly in black or white and in a glossy or matte finish. Learn more at Lea Ceramiche.

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Satin Stainless Steel Faucet Ziqq by Cea Design


Satisfying our love of industrial accents in modern spaces, we had to share with you the Ziqq satin stainless steel faucet by Cea Design. How sleek and strong is this faucet? Stripped down to a basic form, the minimalist design ideas allows us to appreciate the elementary beauty of the essential faucet/tap duo. With different mount and spread options, Ziqq is great for the kitchen or bathroom and will add a simple yet strong finishing touch to the space in your beautiful homes. Cea Design is all about innovation when it comes to style, form and environmentally conscious technologies. That makes us like Ziqq even more. Get more information on designer homes, home design and interior decoration at Cea Design.

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Acrylic Table Design by Colico Design


How intriguing are the design ideas of these acrylic Oste Table by Colico Design? A traditional shape but interpreted with a modern twist via its material. Sleek and light, this table is hip and elegant all at once. It would enhance any gathering or dining experience, peaking the interest of those sitting around it. In an interior design, this table has the advantage of being large without taking up too much visual space because of its transparency. Light bounces off of it, giving it a bright and delicate personality. Learn more about Oste at Colico Design.

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Delta Fuse Kitchen Faucet


The new Delta Fuse kitchen faucet boasts a modern elegance that’s hard to beat. Its shapely curves and two toned look make it a unique addition to any kitchen in your dream homes. The design was inspired by the clean softness of contemporary style and the emerging interior design trend of popping color in unexpected places. The stainless steel faucet comes in Cracked Pepper, Chili Pepper or Snowflake White accent colors. The Fuse faucet sure is pretty, but it’s also so much more. With MagnaTite docking and Diamond seal technology, it’s also state of the art, bringing innovation and beauty to the kitchen. Sounds wonderful to us. Visit Delta for more info on home decor and home design ideas.

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Stained Glass Screen Divider by Unda


If you are looking for a dramatic and interesting way to divide your space, then this stained glass screen divider, Gaudi by Unda, may be just the thing. Colorful, playful and strong, this piece is the perfect way to inject a chromatic pattern into any interior design. Imagine what wonderful things must happen to a space when light interacts with the Gaudi divider? Magic, that’s what. As Unda states, their home decor products are made to transform the space in your designer homes into something “mystical, dramatic, emotional and beautiful”. we believe Gaudi can achieve just that, in the appropriate environment, of course. This stained glass screen is foldable and stands 210 cm tall and 180 cm wide. Learn more about house plans, home and decor at Unda Design.

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Organic Bathroom Fixtures Palomba by Laufen


Inspired by the interaction of the sea and cliff-side rocks, Laufen has created Palomba, a collection of bathroom fixtures characterized by natural and organic shapes. The result is a bathroom suite that has a smooth and sensual aesthetic even though the shapes themselves could be described as odd. The design ideas are similar to how constantly moving water has the ability to smooth out whatever it comes in contact with over time. The collection is comprised of eight washbasins and a series of accessories to suit the interior design of your designer homes. With Palomba fixtures, there’s a lot of variety available when putting a bathroom space together, which encourages creative freedom. The organic shape of the tub is especially interesting. The high back supports the body for a long relaxing soak. Beautiful Palomba fixtures would ideally suit a contemporary, modern bathroom space. Visit Laufen to learn more on interior decoration and home design.

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Bent Plywood Chair by Ricardo Garza Marcos


Inspired by the iconic Eames Lounge Chair, architect Ricardo Garza Marcos has interpreted and designed his very own version made of bent plywood – the Cuatro Chair. Although the resulting shape of Cuatro is familiar to the Eames Lounger, the construction and assembly is very different. Cuatro is made of 4 moulded plywood pieces – one for the foot rest, one for the main back and seat and two for the armrests which also wrap around the back providing support for the entire piece. Expertly and painstakingly put together by hand, each plywood piece is made of 28 super thin layers of veneer which are set into moulds and left to dry for two weeks. The final veneer finish is applied after. The chair has an elegant contemporary appeal, great for modern interior design of your designer homes . Get more information on interior decoration, home design and other home decor design ideas at Ricardo Garza Marcos Design.

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Super Compact Sauna Inipi B by Duravit


The Inipi B Sauna by Duravit is so super compact that you can install it right in a regular sized bathroom. A lot of the time, we put home saunas in other spaces, like the basement, because the sauna requires quite a lot of room. But thanks to Duravit’s collaboration with design studio EOOS, we have options to easily fit a modern sauna into our bathroom and turn it into a real relaxing oasis. The one person compact version measures only 120cm X 120cm, while the two person compact version measures 240cm X 120 cm. It’s also designed to be easily assembled and disassembled, so whether you are living in a rented space or planning to move around, you can always take Inipi B with you. Space efficient, flexible and of great quality, this sauna also boasts a restrained elegance that’s perfectly suited to a modern spa like feel. Learn more about interior design and other home decor products at Duravit.

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Blown Glass Pendant Lamps by Prandina


Prandina showed off four of their new blown glass pendant lamps at the Light & Building 2012 fair. We had to share them with you because these pendants are something to see. The new lamps are called Tiara, Gong, Bloom and Chorus and they all share a smooth, curved appeal. Tiara is pure elegance, and our favorite. The bottom part of the diffuser has a slightly truncated cone shape upon which a perfectly circular shape sits. Only a line of light separates the seamlessness between these shapes and gives this lamp such charm. Gong is like a cocoon; strong yet delicate encasing something beautiful. In this case, it’s light. Bloom is the mysterious one; providing up and down lighting, this lamp gives off a nice diffused light to enhance the ambiance. Chorus is the one that plays with subtle angles on a cylindrical shape; depending where you view if from, its shape can slightly change on you. Go to Prandina for more details on home interior and other home decor products.

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Outdoor Wood Flooring Larideck by Bellotti


Larideck is a modular outdoor wood flooring system made by Bellotti. Made to fit on almost any surface, it’s super easy to install and remove – so your wood floor can come with you or be adapted when you wish. Perfect for the poolside, for a garden path, for patio flooring and even for saunas, Larideck flooring is sure to give any outdoor space that refined finishing touch. Wood flooring is such a beautiful option for outdoor spaces because it ties in with nature perfectly, or it brings a unique warmth to a space that lacks natural elements – so either way it’s something special. Larideck flooring is available in a variety of different wood types, like mahogany, teak and iroko and as of lately, also available in an eco cork version. Visit Bellotti for more information.

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Copper and Stainless Steel Shade Pendants


Leave it to interior designer Tom Dixon for inspired lighting design ideas, like these copper and stainless steel shade pendants called Etch. They’re quite beautiful and appropriate for designer homes. The metal gives them a glamorous industrial feel and the geometric shape feels modern. Inspired by the logic of pure mathematics, Etch is made up of thin, digitally etched, copper sheets. When lit, some glorious shadows are created through the shade’s pattern. Some fabulous candle holders were also inspired by this design. The light of a flickering flame must look really awesome through this material. Visit Tom Dixon to learn more.

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Art Wall Tiles by Mosarte


Inspired by modern Brazilian art and architecture, Mosarte introduces a new collection of wall tiles called Modern Art. When I saw these wall tiles, I couldn’t help but think what creative alternatives they would make to wood paneling. The are absolutely beautiful and would make an artisitc statement in any designer homes. The relief of the organic shapes, arches and angles, straight lines and curves, give the tiles a very modern mid century appeal. The designs are cut using water jet technology, which allows for precise and intricate designs. The wood tiles featured here are just one type from the Modern Art collection and they are called Niterol. They are also available in marble and bianco pigues versions. The wood and bianco pigues can only be used indoors. Visit Mosarte for more info about the whole collection of products.

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Minimalist Bathroom Furniture Nendo by Bisazza Bagno


Bisazza Bagno is presenting a new series of bathroom furniture called the Nendo Collection. Designed by Nendo, a Japanese design studio, this collection is simple sophistication at its best. For the first time, Bisazza is using larch wood to define this bathroom collection. Larch wood is known for its warm, golden hue and is the perfect natural material to express the understated elegance of this collection. But it doesn’t end with the material. The Nendo collection is also defined by clean, minimalist lines. Together, these items create a serene environment for any modern homes contemporary bathroom space. We are completely in love with the tub! Visit Bisazza Bagno to learn more on interior decoration and other home decor products.

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