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Modern Art Pendant 28.37 from Bocci


Like an illuminated inverted bouquet handing overhead, the 28.37 Pendant from Bocci is as much a contemporary art piece as it is a functional light fixture for your designer homes. This ultra modern suspended light boasts clear blown-glass spheres enclosing floating, frosted-glass globes, each one gently illuminated from within, what design ideas!. Every individual orb is suspended by a delicate wire, stretched taut to add a linear element to this sculptural arrangement and fit in perfectly with the interior design of your beautiful homes. Take the minimalist approach with a chic clear/white combo, or splash up your space from above with a cool mix of clear and colored bubbles. Forget flowers… Dress up your dream homes with this beautiful bouquet! For additional info and other home decor ideas visit Stylepark.

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Translucent Polyethylene Seats, Poufs and Tables from Serralunga


The Meteor collection from Serralunga is out of this world! Designed by interior designer Arik Levy, these ultra modern seats, poufs and tables are made from polyethylene, giving them their unusual translucent finish that illuminates with a futuristic, alien appeal. This line of modern, multi-faceted furnishings is inspired by these heavenly bodies, giving them an abstract form of different geometric shapes and sizes that can go from seat to side table to footrest in your beautiful homes. Suited for indoor and outdoor use, Meteor is a cool, casual addition to your garden or patio setting, or make a stand-out style statement in your living room among your more conventional decor selections. Seating and lighting all in one, these future-forward pieces shine like a shooting star! Choose from five different colors, available in illuminated models. Check out the Meteor collection and other home design and interior decorating ideas by visiting Serralunga.

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Wall and Floor Wood Look Tiles by Ariana


If you’ve ever wished for the warm look of wood with the durability of ceramic, you have to check out these wood-look ceramic tiles from Atelier Ariana. Designed by ABK Group, this new wall and floor tile collection comes in different looks that range from parquet (not that cheesy ’70s flooring, but a sophisticated version with a surface pattern), to plain “boards” resembling the look of hardwood planks with a wood grain and texture, to a more romantic style boasting boards topped with a subtle vintage lace imprint to suit the interior of your designer homes. Larch, the timber that lends its name and look to the line, was chosen for its natural beauty. But when wood won’t work, like in bathrooms and kitchens where moisture and wear n’ tear can be an issue, these tiles offer durability and charm. Larix tiles come in a range of colors like Perla, Tortora, Fume, Fieno and Sabbia, Choose from 20×80 cm, 13.5×80 cm and 60×60 cm. For more information on home decor and home design ideas visit Atelier Ariana.

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Warendorf reveals the new Hidden Kitchen


There’s much more to Warendorf‘s Hidden Kitchen than meets the eye! Ideal for open concept homes and modern lofts, this cool kitchen has a lounge vibe that blends beautifully with your living areas, tucking all your culinary essentials behind a fabulous feature wall. With the push of a button, the 7-meter panel folds open to expose a fully equipped culinary center complete with prep areas, sink, appliances, storage space, shelving, a hood fan and integrated lighting, all artfully concealed yet conveniently at hand. The facade features a sprayed rust finish that is warm and earthy – just as a good kitchen should be! And this kitchen is sure to become the hub of your home, whether hidden away or in full view. Check out the Hidden Kitchen by visiting Warendorf.

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Glamour Furniture Designs by Carpanelli


Carpanelli stuns us again with the furniture design ideas of their Glamour collection. Sensuous curves, in the padding and woodwork, characterize each piece. These curves are highlighted by the intricate inlay work of different types of wood, responsible for the visible “Fibonacci spiral” patterns. The Glamour collection is comprised of a sofa, an armchair and a footstool. The sofa is available in 2 or 4 seater versions. All items can be custom upholstered for your own unique expression. Visit Carpanelli for more info on home interior and other home decor products.

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Lamp with Shelf Illusion by Northern Lighting


Now, here’s an innovative take on the “table lamp”! The Illusion Lamp by Northern Lighting incorporates the lamp and the shelf in one, allowing for the dual function of illumination and an added surface without eating up any existing floor and table space. Available in a wall-mounted and pendant lamp option, Illusion comes in shiny white and matte black finish – equally modern, equally attention-grabbing in your designer homes. A stylish spot to drop your keys by the door or set your drink, these wall and pendant lamps are an uber-cool addition to any contemporary home interior design. More info is available by visiting Northern Lighting.

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Baroque Framed Mirrors


Creazioni gets trendy and playful with their Baroque inspired framed mirrors. Bright, bold colors give them a fun modern appeal while the classic embellishment keep them chic and classy to fit in the interior design of your beautiful homes. Actually, Creazioni noticed a growing trend in the interiors world – baroque style frames in bright colors – whether it be picture frames or bed frames and head boards. They went with it and applied it to mirrors. The mirrors you see here are Miki, Baby and Emma. Each unique yet each making a modern statement inspired by a classical style. Visit Creazioni to learn more on interior decoration and house plans.

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Coral LED Lamp by QisDesign


These cool Coral LED lamps by QisDesign are every bit as mesmerizing as their muse. These contemporary lamps are inspired by the way beams of light bounce off coral’s naturally twisting and turning shape in the water. The snaking diffusers evenly distribute light to create constant curls of illumination. Available in tabletop lamps, floor lamps and pendant lights, these lamps make a striking centerpiece when displayed in groups at staggered heights in your designer homes. Go monochromatic, or choose from a range of exotic colors like Gold, Orange, Red, Violet, Yellow/Green and Clear. More details are available at QisDesign.

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Mother of Pearl Decor by Antolini Luigi


Mother of pearl, one of natures most marvelous finishes, is what defines the decor of the Shellstone Collection by Antolini Luigi. These handcrafted tiles come in large and small versions and in 12 iridescent shades. It’s almost unbelievable that these delicate shells, when put together in such a manner, can have such a strong visual impact and evoke a magical atmosphere in your beautiful homes. Light is reflected, nature is referenced, emotions are called forth – these are just really amazing little tiles. Find out more about the Shellstone Collection at Antolini Luigi, one of the leading distributors of dimensional stone and other home design products.

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Netbook Lounge Armchair by Rossin


Italian company Rossin designed this cool netbook lounge armchair with modern technology in mind. The N@T armchair by German interior designer Martin Ballendat features an ultra-modern @-shaped silhouette; its seat, back and arm rest sweeping around in a smooth, single curve, and ending in a kind of desktop in glass, plywood or laminated to rest your netbook, a cocktail or a cup of coffee – depending on the room. We love this chair for the home office or library, as intended, but we think it makes an equally chic addition to any sitting room, the kitchen or living area in your designer homes. Apart from being super functional, this contemporary swivel chair looks @wesome! Check these new design ideas and other home decor products by visiting Rossin.

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Small Comfortable Rattan Chair La luna by Kenneth Cobonpue


Chair La Luna by Kenneth Cobonpue is a real woven masterpiece, made of jute and rattan. Coponpue’s design ideas are strongly influenced by nature, and this chair’s wonderful round shape reminds us of the moon (la luna) perched in the sky. La Luna looks equally amazing indoors or out – you really can take her anywhere in your beautiful homes! Simple and soft looking, yet full of spirit and texture, this chair is sure to attract some admiring glances wherever it sits. To satisfy your intrigue, stop by the Kenneth Cobonpue website and read more on interior decoration and other home decor products.

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Glitzy Lamp Bell by Baxter


It’s glitzy, it’s glamorous – the Bell lamp by Italian furniture design firm Baxter is the perfect focal point above a dining table or hovering overhead in the living space of your designer homes. This suspension lamp has just the right amount of sparkle to dress up any room, boasting a broad, shallow shade made of adjoined bells that each reflect the light and twinkle with every movement, from every angle, inside and out. Hang these pendants in pairs or threes to create a striking feature mid-air, or suspended solo for some instant “pop” to your home. More details are available by visiting Baxter.

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Industrial Style Lighting 45-degree by Vibia


Lighting company Vibia is shining a light on a new, industrial style element for your designer homes – the 45° lighting collection. Sophisticated with a touch of warehouse-chic, these cylindrical ceiling lights have a wonderful built-in feel that draws the eye down and helps highlight your counters, tabletops or bar area. The design ideas by interior designer Victor Carrasco features a 45-degree angle bottom which can be rotated on its axis, adding interest to the otherwise minimalist fixture while focusing beams of light on the task at hand. The 45° lighting line is available in matte-white lacquer, black lacquer and peacock blue, and each comes with two interchangeable polycarbonate diffu¬sers in white or orange to create custom lighting effects. Choose a uniform size and stagger lengths for added attraction. Visit Vibia for more info.

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Flair Chair Scene XXL by Montis


This modern flair chair by Netherlands company Montis is large, yet light – not an easy combination to come by! The Scene XXL chair is a bold designed by interior designer Gijs Papavoine boasting a high back and sides, which are faintly flared like a collar, adding subtle softness to the finished product. Contrasting the soft grey back, the thick seat comes in a range of vibrant colors, set on slim legs in matte steel. This compact but tall piece is a great addition to modern condos and lofts, occupying little space yet making a strong style statement in your designer homes. Additional information on these design ideas and other interior decoration products is available by visiting Montis.


This modern flair chair by Netherlands company Montis is large, yet light – not an easy combination to come by! The Scene XXL chair is a bold designed by Gijs Papavoine boasting a high back and sides, which are faintly flared like a collar, adding subtle softness to the finished product. Contrasting the soft grey back, the thick seat comes in a range of vibrant colors, set on slim legs in matte steel. This compact but tall piece is a great addition to modern condos and lofts, occupying little space yet making a strong style statement nonetheless. Additional information is available by visiting Montis.

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