Cool Computer Table Design Ideas by Schulte Design


In an age when computers have become part of daily work and play – and sitting for hours on end has become a literal pain in the butt! – the Pavos computer table from Schulte Design lets you stand while you scroll, type and surf. This cool tabletop features a section that can be raised up to the desired height so you can place your keyboard or laptop within reach while you stand by. But if sitting is your thing, this table also serves as a stylish desk where you can pull up a seat and work in total comfort and style. This solid wood table makes a great addition to your designer homes or commercial office spaces, or used as a dining table, complete with its own rising surface for serving wine and cheese or displaying a stunning centerpiece. This home decor or office utility product fits in your interior design, be it your beautiful home or your modern office. The Pavos table comes in a selection of different woods, and for a more contemporary twist, an optional stainless steel-covered frame. Additional information is available by visiting Schulte Design.


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