Trendy Kitchen Design Ideas

Whether you want to upgrade your home decor, or you are looking to bring your tired color scheme back to life now is the time to create your dream kitchen in your designer homes. Kitchen design ideas for 2018 are coming in strong due to them bringing something completely different to the table. From material to color, to appeal and aesthetics the changes are bold. Here are the trends that are taking 2018 by storm.

Bold, vibrant color

pops of yellow kitchen Cool Kitchen Trends That Are Taking 2018 By Storm

A colorful touch means you add your own personality to the space in your beautiful homes. If you are cheerful and fun consider bold hues of yellow, blue, green, and even red to put your personality on display. For a less bright space consider darker hues that still pack a punch.

Bold hues are here to stay this year, especially in the kitchen space to hit in your interior design. This year will focus on colorful appliances, pops of color and color clashes. This trend is all about adding personality to the area, the use of color in the kitchen is extremely important as different hue work differently in each setting. Brighter shades are best for an airy space and darker hues are best for entertaining.


pastel hints in the kitchen Cool Kitchen Trends That Are Taking 2018 By Storm

Bright, vivid hues may not be for everyone, but soft pastels are. The key is the way they are worked into your home decor. You may want to incorporate the pretty pastel hues use them on your cabinets and/or your eating area according to your house design/interior design.

Pretty pastels present a beautiful homes design advantage and are an excellent form of adding fun colors without the bold impact bright shades can create. This is perfect for those that want to add color to the kitchen without disrupting your home decor. Use to add highlights, creating features, and add a soft “wow” factor.

Multitasking Island

A multitasking kitchen island allows you to make the most out of your home decor space regardless of how big or small it is. Its the perfect way of getting the most use out of your kitchen island without adding or removing new furniture.

Most kitchen islands are dictated due to the square footage of the kitchen. However, no matter the size you can still have a multitasking island. A multitasking island is a space you can use for cooking, as a breakfast bar, or as a hangout space for your guests. The options are endless.

Stay tuned for additional information and other home and decor design ideas.

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