13 Design Ideas For Lazy Entertaining Days

‘Tis the season to be sitting outside and enjoying the warmer months accompanied by an ice-cold lemonade right on the porch. Give your porch a brand new summery makeover that are perfect for those lazy summer days where guests simply want to have a good laugh and converse. Here are 15 fun and chic design ideas that are just as effective to create the perfect lazy entertaining days home decor right on your porch.

Hammock Chair

hammock chair 2 13 Porch Ideas For Lazy Entertaining Days

Instead of using only one hammock chair on your porch consider having a few hammock chairs as outdoor furnitures. Doing so is great for smaller porch areas due to them not taking up much space yet having a bold impact. Add cushions and even smaller pillows to add a charming, chic vibe.
Everyone can remember some time in their lives when laying on a hammock seemed like the most magic and relaxing idea. It is time to bring the hammock back, but in a more “adult-like” manner to fit in the interior design of your designer homes and that is by having a hammock chair. Throw in a few throw pillows and a soft blanket for that relaxing feel that is chic and fun.

Hexagon Planters

hexagon planters 13 Porch Ideas For Lazy Entertaining Days

Hanging planters along your porch wall is always a chic form of adding to your natural home decor and interior decoration while still having colorful bits. We love the home and decor design ideas of using plants that do not need much watering or attention such as succulents, and cactus to bring a vivid color palette.
If you are limited on space and want to add color and nature bits throughout the space without taking too much space adding planters is the way to go. Add intricate hexagon planters along the wall will bring a seamless beauty that is also natural and chic without taking up much space.

Bring on the Lights

The light fixtures you use set the ambiance for the space in your beautiful homes that you are working on interior decorating. You may want to use two or more light fixtures to bring cohesive lighting to the area. Pair with smaller lights to brighten the porch while still having charming bits.
Make your outdoor space brighter and friendlier by adding pendant lights as porch lights. You can always use smaller light fixtures on the border of the space, but to add an elegant appeal, pendants are perfect especially when they have a metallic finish to them.


The type of bench you use will depend on how you want the porch of your designer homes to appear. If you want to add a charming bit add a swinging bench, the beauty of doing so is that it has a softer touch then a traditional bench would. Pair with a chair and center table for a beautiful contrast.
A bench is always a good idea in any area of your dream homes, especially in the porch area. Add a comfy bench and pair it with an accent chair for an added seating area. Additionally, you may want to add colorful accent pillows and a throw blanket for cooler nights.

Mini Bar

A bar cart is an excellent option to have as an outdoor furnitures when you want to have a display of alcohol and/or even other drinks such as hot chocolate or summery lemonade. The key is having cups, shakers, spoons and even a cooler to facilitate the use of the cart.
Why go inside to get an ice-cold cup of lemonade or a glass of wine when you can simply add a mini bar to your porch. The home decor idea is perfect for those days that you want to entertain outdoors for a few family and friends. You may want to have a smaller mini bar that is transportable or a larger bar that remains outdoors for everyday use.

Colorful Swing

Having a colorful swing does not mean you have to use the boldest hues. Instead, you could use pastel bits that make sense to your home decor. We love the house design ideas of using soft wooden hues to add a contrast without having to use many colors. Use color surrounding the swing to have that colorful appeal.
We love the idea of having a colorful swing for that calming effect in the space, while still being modern with traditional bits. Pair with rocking chairs and even a rug to bring your living room directly outdoors. Add a few intricate pieces to add that interior feel, such as an accent table or even a lamp.

Go Symmetrical

Symmetrical home decor always looks great, especially when it is used to create an expansive feel. You want to have identical everything when you are working with a symmetrical type of home and decor interior decoration items. Add color bits or greenery to keep the space as natural as possible.
No matter how you decorate symmetry is always a good idea because it looks crisp and clean while still making the porch look put together. The idea is to mirror one side to another perfectly. Whether you use two chairs, two accent table and/or two lamps you want both sides to look identical.

Outdoor Dining Table

A dining table on the porch may not seem as common but it is an excellent option if you have a larger porch. This is the perfect form of outdoor eating while still relaxing and having the ability to go inside when needed. Pair with comfortable seating for a blended outdoor space.
Take advantage of every square footing by adding an outdoor dining table and seating area. You want to take your patio experience to the front of your home. Create a dining vibe that makes the outdoors seem intimate and personal to you and your home décor.

Rustic Bits

Rustic home decor is all about feeling “homie” while being chic and stylish. The idea is to add cozy bits that have that classic farmhouse aesthetics. Additionally, you always want to have a blanket or two added in just in case you wish to sit outdoors during the evenings.
Rustic is always on trend and perfect for an outdoor space. It works with numerous décor options while bringing a beautiful country aesthetics with bits of autumn even during the cooler months. Add a bench, a swing, and/or DIY rustic bits and combine them together for a well-rounded rustic appeal.

Porch Curtains

That extra layer of privacy is always a good idea when your home is close to your neighbors. The curtains add a hint of chic and glam while still being a simple addition. We love the idea of having a simple space but bringing it to life with stylish curtains.
Just like a pool cabana having white curtains as part of your porch décor is an excellent form of bringing summer vacation vibes directly to your home. Additionally, adding curtains allows you to have a bit more privacy and intimacy exactly when and where you need it.

Bring on the Color

The brighter the color the better! Color is perfect when you are working on adding textures, visual appeal, and personality. Mix and match patterns that work well together. Use hues that blend with your outdoor greenery.
Color is important in all homes because it truly brings personality and aesthetics to the front forth of your décor. Choose bright hues and pair them with neutral bits to bring a traditional contrast between the daring pairing and the soft bits.

Accent Table

A small table between your seating area is perfect for times you want to entertain and host yet don’t want to have much furniture outdoors. You may even want to consider having a multi-functional table so that it doubles into something else.
Bring your indoor home and decor directly outdoors by having a center accent table. Center tables are great outdoors because of the amount of warmth that they provide in a simple manner. Use a simple table that does not take away from the decor, the table should feel as a part of the home decor, not as the main focus of the decor.

Comfortable Seating

Comfortable seating is always a great idea for an outdoor area due to allowing you to take indoor furniture outdoors. You can add a few colorful aesthetics. Pair with a rocking chairs for that added comfortable chic touch.
In order to make the most out of your outdoor footage, you want to add comfortable seating. It is one of the best ways to not only take advantage of the size of your porch, but it is one of the best ways to add furniture that makes you want to spend extra time outdoors.

Stay tuned for additional information and other home and decor design ideas that will help and inspire you to design your home.

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