Economic Bathroom Design Onto by Duravit


The aboriginal affair that grabs your absorption with the fresh Duravit Onto bread-and-butter bath architecture is the way the animate or vanity top seems to sit on the basin – instead of the added way annular – in an bread-and-butter use of materials. It is allotment of the Onto bath collection, created by award-winning artist Matteo Thun, and aimed primarily at the bartering sector, admitting it wouldn’t be out of abode in a calm setting. Wall mounted, the animate appears to float, with no beefy anxiety anchoring it to the floor. Practically speaking it is a shelf or table, framing the basin and accouterment amplitude for claimed effects; from an artful viewpoint, its basal curve and bendable arced advanced accord a abreast amoebic look, added by the accustomed copse finish. Also accessible as a bifold basin console, the simple architecture makes for accessible accumulation and installation. To find out more visit Duravit.





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