Freestanding Stone Bathtub by Bathco


We are excited to share the Simi freestanding stone bathtub by Bathco with you. Not only does this bathtub boast contemporary design ideas, but also it is made of stone. Part of the Natural Series Collection, Simi comes in a light beige or a dark grey color to suit your bathroom decor as well as the complete interior design of your designer homes. What’s really great about a stone tub are the enhanced therapeutic effects that the stone brings to your bathing experience. Stone naturally retains heat, so you can imagine the deep penetrating heat of a bath in a stone tub. The water is hot, the stone against your back is hot and the length of your relaxing and restorative bath is increased. If you are looking to bring some of the luxuries of a spa at home, consider a bathtub such as Simi. Go to Bathco to learn more about these home decor products.



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