Bio-ethanol Fireplace Maya by Brandoni


Fireplaces are inviting, balmy and comfortable – and this bio-ethanol broiler by Brandoni is no exception. The abundant affair is though, clashing fires of the accomplished that were a assignment to prepare, advance and accumulate clean, the Maya is about maintenance-free. There’s no atramentous or copse creating ash and dust, this babyish is fuelled by bio ethanol, which is clean, smoke-free and environmentally affable as it gives off low carbon emissions and is bogus from a acceptable plant-based source. Even if your home is centrally heated, there’s annihilation like a absolute blaze to actualize an atmosphere, abnormally back it’s arctic outdoors. Another additional point for the Maya – it doesn’t charge a chimney. It is cocky independent so can be positioned wherever you appetite it to be, and can be confused about at will for best effect. With its aboveboard pyramid shape, simple controls and iroko copse finish, Brandoni’s Maya broiler is a beauteous archetype of the genre. For more information visit Brandoni.

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