Bio Ethanol Outdoor Fireplace Stix by Ecosmart Fire


The Stix bio booze alfresco broiler by Ecosmart Blaze puts a avant-garde circuit on an old favorite. This award-winning architecture by Hiroshi Tsunoda Architecture Studio (it’s the almsman of an Australian International Architecture Award) takes the acceptable angel of a bivouac and re-builds it with abreast stainless animate “sticks,” artfully stacked. At the center, a warm, affable blaze flickers, sparking interest, chat and all-around acceptable times into the wee hours. To top it all off, the able 3L burner (which will bake for added than eight hours) is powered by clean-burning, environmentally affable bio ethanol, alms an “eco smart” indulgence. For more information on this outdoor fireplace, visit Ecosmart.



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