Reading Space Design Kosha by Claudio D’amore


It was with great passion that Claudio D’amore created the Kosha chair we see here. With this chair, design ideas and wellbeing are strongly connected. Essentially, Kosha is not jus a chair, but a space. More specifically, a reading space. Its precise ergonomic design ideas allows for a seated retreat among your favorite literature in your designer homes. It’s almost like stepping into a special wooden vessel that promises ‘me time’ filled with relaxation and entertainment and suit your interior design. This piece is waiting to be placed by a huge window in an open space, in a contemporary study or even in a garden. It is also waiting for its designated spots to be filled with books and for a lucky person to have a seat. If you can imagne yourself as that person, check out Kosha in more detail for more on interior decoration, house design and other home decor products.





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