Artsy Kitchen INO Leone design ideas by Toyo


Full of artistry, symbolism and modern technology, the INO Leone artsy kitchen is a new addition to Toyo Kitchens & Living home decor products. Its completely balanced T-shape form provides symmetry and stability for the look of this kitchen. There is something so stately about this artsy design ideas, it’s almost like it demands a certain respect in a graceful, modern way. Maybe it’s that emblem. The kitchen is adorned with a winged lion emblem. It represents the protection and care of the family that will gather around this kitchen – much like the winged lion is regarded as the guardian of the city of Venice. Not only that, but if you look closely, you will find the letters t-o-y-o also represented by the shape of the emblem. The design of this kitchen has been analyzed from all angles -functionality, style and symbolism to suit the interior design of your designer homes. This makes INO Leone more than just a utility, but practically a piece of art. Visit Toyo for more info on interior decoration and house design.






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