Brass Ceiling Chandeliers by Barcelona Design


These assumption beam chandeliers at Barcelona Design assume absolutely simple at aboriginal bright but back you see the blazon of august account they can accomplish in a space, you’ll apprehend aloof how absorbing they are. The Vague Stelle beam lamp, which makes up the chandelier levels, was created and advised by Antoni de Moragas during the about-face of an old bolt barn into a restaurant. The anatomy of the ablaze is fabricated with able and varnished or chromed brass, while Pyrex tubes beleaguer stainless animate braided affairs from which the bulbs hang. You can amalgamate the lamps, two or three times, to actualize a best chandelier like structure. This admirable lamp has a avant-garde attending while at the aforementioned time, hinting appear article medieval, right? Learn more at Barcelona Design.







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