Australian Aboriginal Rugs by Malene B


Malene B has created these unique Australian Aboriginal rugs with an appealing global style – and we really like her Papunya rug design ideas. Marlene B is inspired by her numerous travel experiences and her own African-Caribbean roots. The Papunya rugs we are admiring here are directly inspired by Indigenous Australian Aboriginal “Dot” Art and tells folkloric stories of tribal rituals. The rugs are colorful and modern to fit in the interior design of your designer homes, boasting an exotic and ethnic flair. They are sure to enhance the interior scheme of your beautiful homes. All the rug designs are available in custom color, size and constructions. Malene B is passionate about her craft and takes pride in creating and producing her art in a socially conscious manner. Check out Malene B to learn more about house design, interior decoration and home decor products.



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