Folding Shower Enclosure by Duravit


This folding battery asylum by Duravit offers added “open space” in bunched bathrooms. The appropriately called OpenSpace is an avant-garde battery allotment that folds abroad back not it use, absolution up added room. Think about it – unless you’re in it, the battery is aloof ashen space, abnormally back amplitude is at a premium. This avant-garde architecture lets you get pleasure a absolutely amid battery and back you’re finished, a brace of bottle bank panels bend abroad neatly adjoin the wall, appropriate over your fixtures, battery gels and shampoos. Back you’re accessible to rub-a-dub, aloof beat the panels out to anatomy the enclosure. The barely-there bright bottle walls visually don’t absorb any allowance either, acceptance ablaze to discharge into every bend of the space. Also accessible in a mirrored-glass finish. Check out the OpenSpace folding shower enclosure by visiting Duravit.

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