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Faucets with Decorative Faucet Handles Fluid by Gardenia Orchidea


Dress up your bathroom faucets with these decorative faucet handles by Gardenia Orchidea. The Italian bathroom brand presents the Fluid collection, which brings a fashionable and functional twist to your modern luxury bath. Do away with clunky handles that are hard to clean and even harder to look at! Go the minimalist route with a single sleek, simple faucet handle that lets you control the water’s flow and temperature without any of the clutter. A timeless Greek key pattern adds interest to the design, and red and blue beads indicate hot and cold. Coupled with classic chrome, chic black or modern white fixtures, wall- or deck-mounted, this faucet handle works with any look to suit any style. Check it out at Gardenia Orchidea.

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Diva gold faucet designs by Daniel

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