Motion Activated Toilets Numi by Kohler


Designer toilets for your designer homes. The fresh Numi Toilet from Kohler embraces artlessness and style, but manages to bastard in a few ultra-modern account too. This avant-garde toilet architecture has a motion-activated lid with a advanced sensor that raises the top back you access the room. Now, that’s service! And at floor-level, a additional sensor raises the seat, alms absolutely hands-free, aseptic user experience. A alluring advancing base with touch-screen console lets you ascendancy every action – and there are lots. This tech toilet is souped-up with a acrimonious bench and anxiety warmers, a congenital bidet and chip air dryer, and a deodorizer that pulls blue air through its charcoal filter, aflame panels that set your bath aglow, and in case you were apprehensive – yes, it plays music! Congenital speakers flood the amplitude with candied sounds. Choose from the preprogrammed songs of those from your MP3s player, or bolt the aboriginal radio appearance on FM radio. Set your preferences and anamnesis them application the acceptable ascendancy panel. Visit Kohler for all the details.








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